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Hanukkah Fun… and Food

Friday | 18 December 2020 | La Quinta, California: Hanukkah has finished, the Four-L's have returned to their home in Los Angeles, our house still smells like frying latkes, but there is nothing left but the clean-up. What a wonderful time we had over the past month with everyone together under one roof. It is worth every hardship of isolating/quarantining to be with the grandchildren.

Everyone decorated at least one cookie
Jelly-filled cookies
Date & Walnut filled rugelach
The jelly donuts were delivered.
Our niece, Carla, made this platter for me several years ago.

We baked, we played wild rounds of driedel, ate pounds of latkes, and gifted the little ones.

Lisa made the latkes!

Lucy has an American Girl doll - Rebecca Reuben - and asked for matching "party" dresses. Rebecca also received a pretty blue Hanukkah party dress. Leo loves Dave's Oregon Duck sneakers, so we surprised him with a pair. Check it out - NIKE might have your college sneakers as well.

And now... my closing act:

Until my next update, I remain, your caught-up correspondent.