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Halloween in the Country

We live a bit rural. We usually do not have many trick-or-treaters. This year, however, may be the world-record low-attendance trick-or-treater head count.


We had one trick-or-treater.

Ryan, age 9.

Ryan lives about ¼ mile down the road and has been trick-or-treating us since... well, I think his Mom carried him to our door about seven years ago. I bought twelve candy bars and DT forced Ryan to take most of the candy home.

Anything Ryan didn't take, we will be forced to eat ourselves.

In other haunting news, the Oregon Ducks sit on top of the mountain tonight! Not only do they rule all the polls, they are #1 in the BCS poll. 

Ducks are for real.

HALLOWEEN JOKE: Why can't goblins have babies? They have Halloweenies.

Until my next update, I remain, your bewitching correspondent.