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Half Moon Bay

San Francisco, California: Imagine you are in a drive-through car wash and water is crashing everywhere via high-pressure nozzles pointed at your vehicle. Then imagine the car wash booth is turned into a wind tunnel. Then imagine your vehicle is a motorhome and you can maybe get a feel for the storm that blew onto the Central California coast this morning around 4a. Oh. My. Goodness. Our motorhome was rocking like a herd of elephants were having an orgy on the roof. The noise from the wind and rain were deafening. We scurried around pushing buttons to bring in awnings and roof-top dishes. Considering we are camped just a few feet from an ocean-side cliff, the entire 20 minute scenario was quite frightening.

Meanwhile, back at home, another terrible wind storm was causing all sorts of havoc in Oregon's Willamette Valley. We kept in close contact with our housesitter all day as trees were falling like pick-up-sticks in our neighborhood - but we were spared and only lost a few large branches and there was no damage to our property and we never lost power (like so many) at our Portland home. Be careful out there, people.

We decided to drive south to have lunch at Half Moon Bay - our farewell luncheon meal as Mary & Steve flew back to Portland this afternoon. I  know, so sad. Like the Beatles breaking up all over again.

The section of the California Coast south of San Francisco is simply gorgeous, with spectacular surfer-filled-wave views around every corner. The route travels through a new mile-long tunnel, a fragrant eucalyptus grove and miles of equally-fragrant-but-maybe-not-as-refreshing Brussels sprout fields.

Half Moon Bay

Though the Half Moon Bay Brewing was totally hopping (no pun intended), we were seated immediately and dined outdoors in warm sunshine! After our terrible overnight wind storm and our Portland homes under storm warnings, it was a little surreal.

Half Moon Bay Brewing

FISH & CHIPS: Fresh caught rock fish in (their own) beer batter

We returned to the RV park after lunch to watch the Beavers lose to Stanfurd, then took Mary & Steve to the BART station to catch their flight to Portland. They are home safe.

So, if you go to Half Moon Bay twice in one day, is it Full Moon Bay?

Kathy & Woody had dinner with their local family and we had dinner with our local family! My cousin's daughter, Kristin, lives in Half Moon Bay with her husband, Neil. They are going to have their first baby in April!

We took the kids (both Ducks, by the way!) to dinner in Half Moon Bay to a fantastic local Italian place, Via Uno. We may have finagled a table with a sight-line to the television over the bar so the World Series game was visible. The entire restaurant went crazy when the Giants took the lead. It was a great evening. Great to see Kristin and Neil's new house, great to spend time with family and Via Uno was a very good restaurant!

Another awesome day planned tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Until my next update, I remain, your Full Moon Bay correspondent.

RV PARK: San Francisco RV Resort - Glorified parking lot over-looking the Pacific Ocean, with convenient access to San Francisco via car or public transport. Bathhouse, laundry, free wifi, pool, hot tub, recycling, cable. Walk to grocery, restaurants, shops. We are paying $71 per night with AARP discount (because we are old). Lots of long-time live-ins.