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We have one of those fancy drawer dishwashers in the kitchen at Taylor Manor. We love our Fisher-Paykel Dishdrawers. They (I say "they" because the system contains two completely separate dishwashers) really clean the dishes, use very little water (4 gallons on the everyday cycle) and operate nearly noiselessly. I liked the product so much, I had the one-drawer version installed in our RV. The units in our house are now eight years old and this is the second time in year we have had to call Doug (our local version of the Maytag repairman).

last time was because a shard of broken glass the size of a pencil tip jammed itself inside the drain! This time it was some-sort of arm-thingy dealy-hopper (which holds all the wires and water lines together) that snapped and jammed up somewhere allowing water to escape during the washing cycle onto the floor behind the dishwasher. If more than two drops of water hits the floor under a Fisher-Paykel, an alarm goes off and your machine shuts down. (Trust me, this is a good thing... especially in a RV.) Doug had most of the parts in his van and was able to get the bottom-half of the dishwasher running again. He will return next week and get us up to 100%. Doug doesn't realize I am used to only one unit in the RV and so think I am in the lap of luxury again. Anyway... half of one of the items on our "to do" list is complete. It's a start!

Tonight, I prepared one of DT's favorite pasta dishes. - Spaghetti con Pepe. This recipe is so easy, it needs to be part of your everyday (or RV) repertoire. Four ingredients: spaghetti, black pepper, Pecorino Romano cheese and a splash of olive oil.

One pot and a strainer/colander.

My easier-than-pie version of spaghetti cacio e pepe does not require making a cheese sauce which makes the pot so much easier to clean. And though the four ingredients sound easy and every-day, this dish just isn't good unless you crack the pepper fresh yourself and grate the best-quality Pecorino Romano you can find.

Boil spaghetti. Drain. Heat a few tablespoons of good quality extra-virgin olive oil in the pot used to cook the spaghetti. Toss the drained spaghetti and the black pepper in the olive oil with a bit of reserved pasta-cooking water - stir to coat. Serve on plates and sprinkle the grated cheese over all.

What could be easier?

So rich and satisfying. Super delicious. Super simple. Vegetarian too!

I served the pasta with this simple salad made with baby greens, chopped tomatoes and the tips of all those asparagus spears I used to make the pizza last night.

A very good meal.

Even though this dish really does not require a recipe, I have written down the details for you here.

Until my next update, I remain, your peppery correspondent.