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Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, Colorado: We left as late as possible this morning, as we had but a short drive to reach our next destination. The route was west on I-70, and every mile is prettier than the next. We passed by Copper Mountain ski resort - right off the freeway - and then by the Vail ski resort - again right off the Interstate, and visible from the freeway. At Vail we went over a 10622 foot pass. We had another “ambient air density” fault from our engine. The Magna Peregrinus does not like altitude! I-70 was most in dire straights on this section. So many huge bumps/holes in the pavement, and dips-doodles. Our RV hates these roads.

Did you know there is a bike path, roughly following I-70 between Denver and Glenwood Springs? It’s 150 miles long. We could see it much of our drive today. Not a good ride for me (nor my 15-year-old Townie 3-speed, but y’all just go on ahead! (Read elevation of pass near Aspen above.

One particularly pretty portion of the drive today was through Glenwood Canyon. Carved by the Colorado river, the cliffs rise to 1300 feet with vibrant red-rock outcroppings. The river’s path through Glenwood Canyon is shared with four freeway lanes, train tracks, and a bike path. The bike path is right on the river. Another amazing engineering feat.

When we arrived to our campsite at Glenwood Canyon Resorts ($114 per night for full-service, gravel back-in), I heard a crash from inside the motorhome. A ceiling air conditioning vent had fallen from the ceiling! Would any of you even be surprised that our entry steps would not extend? Any time we drive over a bumpy path, the steps rebel. I bet you twenty bucks, they will be out by the time we wake tomorrow.

View from our campsite along the river canyon

After settling-in to our latest campsite, we gathered up our bathers and headed over to one of the mineral hot-spring spas in town. DT chose Iron Mountain Hot Springs as it was along the Colorado River and offered many smaller (15-person-ish) spas at various temperatures from 101 to 106-degrees. Our campground offered a 10%-off coupon, but it did not work, so we ended up paying $40 per person for our visit today.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

This spa lets you soak for a 3-hour time period for your $40. They offer dressing rooms, showers, towels and lockers (that are activated by your wrist band). Wrist bands are color-coded for your 3-hour window. We started in a 102-degree pool, then rested for a bit before moving to a 101-degree pool. Then we had a swim in the large 90-ish pool (our pool at home is usually kept at 90), and then back to a 101-degree pool before heading home. We were at the spa for less than two hours. Plenty of time, but a very relaxing time, and I recommend the waters in Glenwood Springs. The sulphur smell was not too dominate (unlike my old home town of Beitou), and everything was super clean.

Main swimming pool
Snack bar
One of the many spas
Beautiful red cliffs across the river from the spa

Before we left Breckinridge this morning, I made a quick mac + cheese + broccoli casserole. Only needed to pop it in the oven tonight and make a tomato salad, and dinner was served after our soaks.

Mac & Cheese with Broccoli

We have another adventure planned for tomorrow. Until my next update, I remain your hot correspondent.