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Glendale, Arizona:  DT and I left the beautiful Motorcoach Country Club (after exercising, of course) and headed towards Phoenix on Interstate 10. Traffic was smooth and the road isn't too bad, so we had smooth sailing. We stopped twice on our 237 door-to-door mile drive - just to stretch our legs, fill our bellies and our coffee mugs.

I cannot even count the number of Duck fans passing us on the freeway today. (We rarely pass anyone.) Truckers blasted us with their horns. Cars showed us their Duck gear, gave us the "O" sign or the #1 finger-sign (no, not that finger). People took photos of our bus. They honked. It was fun.

DT thinks the Ducks have become "America's Team". We're Nobody From Nowhere and we are in the National Championship Game. A team from a state with a population of just over three million, from a town with a population of 130,000, with a student body of only 19,000.

Listen to Jimmy Buffett sing Nobody from Nowhere (5:07)
(Safe - hosted by RVGoddess.com)

As we neared our RV park, we passed the Glendale Stadium where the Ducks will face Auburn on Monday. It looks like a giant Mylar balloon.


We pulled into our campsite, only to learn they did not have a 50 amp site for us to use during our one-week stay. What? Though I had reserved a 50 amp site, they claim they cannot "guarantee" a 50 amp site. Especially since they only have ten 50 amp sites (out of 74 total sites). Then, we could not fit into our assigned site - though I had told them our size when making our reservation. Not to mention they could see our bus through the window.

So, back to the registration desk I go. They moved us to another site and we did fit - just barely. It amuses the other campers to watch us situate ourselves in these teeny sites, but my driver is highly skilled and had no difficulty making the tight turn. Me? I'm not such a skilled driver. I may or may not have backed-into a pole while maneuvering around the campground.

No comment.

Settled-in, we are relaxing after a day of driving, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Remember a few weeks ago when I made Bouchons au Thon (Tuna Corks) in my home kitchen? I wanted to make them again, but I really don't have room in my circular (always going around) oven for a muffin tin. I picked-up a recyclable aluminum muffin tin from the supermarket and reduced the ingredients in the recipe to create enough batter for 6 tuna puffs. Three each, over a bed of lettuce for a perfect, light meal.

I used a 6 oz can of gourmet Oregon Albacore, 2 Tablespoons tomato paste (from a squeeze tube), 3 Tablespoons fat-free Greek Yoghurt, 2 eggs, 3/4 cup shredded gruyere cheese, the green parts of two spring onions (sliced thin), a little flat leaf parsley, salt and pepper. The tuna corks were baked for 25 minutes at 325°.

Great dinner - served over a bed of greens with a Ciabatta roll. I really encourage you all to try this recipe - surprisingly delicious. Addictive even?

Our pals begin arriving tomorrow. The Lovely Lisa & Lenny arrive Saturday.

It's gonna be fun!

Until my next update, I remain, your Glendale correspondent.