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Getting Settled

Indio, California:  Or... getting settled and cleaned-up. Maricela and her crew prepared our covered pavilion and casita for our arrival. Today, our motorhome was super cleaned. Inside and out.

We have been to Tacos Gonzalez, and were once again welcomed like long-lost friends. So nice to be back in the desert and back to the best $1.89 tacos in the Coachella Valley.

My re-entry meal consisted of a chicken tostada and a chicken taco... and my annual (yes, I only indulge once a year) Mexican Coca Cola. Dang - what a wonderful combination.

Our bus had not been washed since forever. Remember our trip to Sacramento and Napa (June 7-July 3) this summer? Then driving from Portland to Indio in all sorts of weather and rain this past week? We were a mess. My poor car - dragged behind the Magna Peregrinus for 1200 miles - was caked with mud and filth.

No more. Our motorhome looks brand new and the Jeep is sparkling clean.

And though I forgot to take a photograph, our pretty golf cart was delivered today, fresh from the storage garage. Batteries charged. Ready to roll.

We were so busy today, there was barely a moment to enjoy this fabulous view. Straight north. Pointing directly to Joshua Tree National Park. Takes my breath away. Several times a day... because it is never the same view. With the shadows, the winds, the sun, the clouds... the vista is constantly changing. So many times the "distant" mountains seem one block away. Always stunning.

Our motorhome was sparkling after the crew did a deep-clean this afternoon. Floor tiles steamed. Carpet cleaned. Shower steam cleaned. Wood treated.

Notice a new feature in our beautiful motorhome?

I am thinking of asking GE Profile for $30. If they would have made an oven with a display clock, life would have been so much easier, and we wouldn't have gone to the hardware store to purchase Velcro strips to attach this ugly damn clock ("great for boats and RV's" read the Amazon.com description) to the wall of our once-classy motorhome.

After our bus was washed, our car was washed, and our RV was cleaned inside, we drove our just-delivered golf cart around the resort to see what we could see.

We saw such a spectacular sunset - so many fellow campers were also stopped at a popular vista point to enjoy the splendor. Nearly every night we are treated to an amazing sunset in the Coachella Valley, but some nights are better than others. Tonight was one of those nights.

To celebrate the organized return to our campsite in Indio, we had a nice dinner at home. Sister Gina gave us a bag of Roma tomatoes from her organic garden. I made a Puttanesca sauce with her harvest and served it with spaghetti - and a Caesar Salad.

The basil garnish is from the herb I planted last year in our three-pot garden. It has bolted big time, but I still managed enough small buds to make the sauce and garnish tonight. Dave and I will get to the nursery soon to replenish our tomato "farm" and herb kitchen garden.

Until my next update, I remain, your prepped correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club