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Garden Report

It is still pretty boring around this house. Work. Work. Work. I have not left the property for three days, relying once again on the basement "dreadmill" for my exercise. Dang I hate that machine, but not as much as I hate driving somewhere to go for a run. (We live on top of a mountain, so only sick-fit athletes jog around here.) (I am not one of them.)

It is counter-productive to watch the cooking shows on television while jogging on the treadmill?

Anyway, after staring at my laptop for hours, transferring files and uploading more stuff to a cloud somewhere, I needed to take a walk. I grabbed my camera and went to see what was blooming.

Though the evening news report a desperate bee population, I think the scientists just forgot to look at our house. Zillions of the critters - more than ever this year and of several species - were swarming the lavender.

The meadow (who am I kidding, it's a field) is also blooming with poppies, daisies and bachelor buttons. Tons of bubble bees on the poppies.

Not every botanical specimen on our property is spontaneous. We actually planted a few.

Like this "white" dogwood I ordered about eight years ago. Oops. Mislabeled.

What knucklehead plants ferns in a forest in Oregon?

The hydrangeas are blooming and there are still plenty of buds on the way. 

That's about it from Taylor Manor. How is your garden growing? Post a photo below.

Until my next update, I remain, your mossy-thumbed correspondent.