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FRENCH WEEK: Steak Frites

Portland, Oregon:  Oh My Goodness. Is the Goddess making Steak Frites (Steak and Fries) AGAIN? Doesn't she prepare this dish every dang year? Yes, I do. Get over it. It is fun to go old-school French every once in a while.

While shopping for our French Week menu, I went to my butcher at New Seasons Market with the thought to purchase two small tenderloin steaks. Everyone knows you practically have to phone your banker before buying tenderloin. The steaks are super expensive. Like over $20 per pound expensive. But since I only buy steak a very few times per year, I thought it would be okay to splurge.

No need! My butcher suggested Beef "Club" Steak - it is part of a New York or strip steak. Maybe a left-over bit (?) that has the fat trimmed and it tied with string. $16.99 per pound! The steaks were from a ranch in Eastern Oregon.

An experiment for my personal grill chef (DT). Dave took care of the steak tonight.

The steaks were brought out of refrigeration several hours before grilling and liberally coated in flaky (Jacobsen!) sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper.

Since discovering this method of making French fries, I have never strayed. Without a doubt, the easiest, mess-free and best-tasting home-made fry ever.

25-30 minutes is all it takes. Very little hands-on time.

Served with a perfectly-grilled steak, it is difficult to know which dish is the star here. The steak or the fries?

Okay. It was the steak. Drizzled with a little balsamic reduction, the beef shined. But the fries were perfect.

Tomorrow - Potato Leek Soup!

Until my next update, I remain, your beefy correspondent.