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For the Birds

Thayne, Wyoming: We had a very quiet day. Restful. Peaceful. The weather was just outstanding. So lovely, in fact, DT went golfing with Mom's boyfriend, Gene. We ladies enjoyed an afternoon, sitting outside under the shade of a tree and watched the birds.

This is the view from the kitchen window at Gene's house. The Bridger Mountains, a little sub-division from the Rockies, are directly behind the house. The horse fencing is to hold three horses that belong to Gene's daughter. Behind the horse corrals reside a dozen or so bison. A ranch down the road has peacocks, so we could hear squawking several times during the day. Mom and Gene keep a few feeders filled with sunflower seeds and Niger seeds, bird baths and several humming bird feeders.

It's a zoo out there.

Daffodils bloom pretty late at 6000 feet. Mid-May, tulips are up, but are not quite ready to open.

I was familiar with most of the birds visiting their feeders today, but if I have made an error in identifying one (or more) of these critters, please let me know in the comment section below.

House finch - female

House finch - male

Gold Finch - male

Tree Swallow - male

After the guys came back from the links, we had cocktails and watched (taped) The Preakness. This horse-racing stuff is really exciting this year!

Remember all those gorgeous Pronghorn Sheep we have seen over the past few weeks?

You know... like this pretty pronghorn pictured above?

We ate pronghorn tonight. 

Gene served us antelope loin steaks from a doe he shot last fall. (Unlike most mammal hunting tags, antelope tags in Wyoming are for any buck, doe or fawn - with some restrictions of area/date, etc.). Antelope are a Kosher animal, super lean and readily available in Wyoming. The steaks were not gamey at all, but sweet and flavorful. Such a great evening and interesting to try something new. Well, new to this City Girl - antelope is common on the table in this part of Wyoming.

Until my next update, I remain, your experimental correspondent.

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