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Fog. Dog. No Jog.

Canyonville, Oregon: We had a very peaceful night as the only guests at the 27-site Blue Heron RV Resort in Hornbrook, California. The only sound was from the rippling river and though the temperatures dipped into the 20's (and we had to unhook the water) we were toasty warm inside the Magna Peregrinus with the radiant floor heaters set to "inferno".

But our plans to jog/hike up the trail to the top of the hill across from the campground were cancelled due to terrible fog. No sense climbing to the top of a hill when there would be no view.

And, well, it was 28°.

By 10:30a the fog had lifted and the sun was shining! We prepared to continue north, but we were delayed.

We had visitors! Reno is an ultra-long-legged ultra-old German Shorthair. He lives at the RV park. DT gave him a doggie cookie (sorry, Reese) from our treat jar and they are now friends for life.

I was scratching Reno's head and he was enjoying the attention so much, I went inside and grabbed Reese's brush and started giving Reno a nice brush/scratch. He practically melted with happiness.

Our second visitor was a horse! The RV resort owners bought a mare last year and did not know she was pregnant until she delivered a baby girl - on Easter morning! The mom horse - who apparently wanders around the property untethered -was excited to see us and came right up to me for a scratch, but as soon as she realized I did not have an apple or a carrot in my hand, I was completely ignored in favor of the lawn.

The owners invited us to try their onsite restaurant today and agreed we could stay past the usual check-out time (since we were the only paying customers!) if we wanted to stay for lunch. We walked up to the restaurant (with Reno). Our meals were not gourmet, but the food was very good and we can only assume in the high season, the bar is hopping. The restaurant will close soon - it is open only "in season". (The RV park is open year-round.)

We watched several drift boats float past the property this morning.

Just a few miles after traveling north on I-5, the fog returned!

Dang! This was our view the rest of the day. Not fun. Not safe.

But look who we saw - waving hello - as we cruised through Ashland, Oregon? Our favorite Oregon State Police Officer, Duck alum and frequent visitor to our tailgates at Autzen Stadium!

We stopped for the night at Seven Feathers RV Resort (and casino). We filled the RV at their truck strop and continued up the hill to one of our favorite RV parks in the country. If you are ever traveling up/down I-5 in southern Oregon, we encourage to visit this campground.

Since we had dropped such a large chunk-o-change at the truck stop filling up the RV, the tribe awarded us with "free" slot play in the casino. Though we rarely go down to the casino, because it is smoky, we went down tonight and had dinner in the smoke-free sports bar. We turned the $50 "free" slot play into at least $60 at the video Blackjack machine embedded into the bar. WOOT!

It is easy to move around this town from the RV park via the free shuttle service provided by the tribe. They will take you from the RV resort to the casino. Or to the grocery store. Auto parts store. Local Italian restaurant. Liquor Store. Local Mexican restaurant. Truck Stop. Post Office. True, Canyonville is a very small town, but the tribe is very accommodating.

Tomorrow? Another exciting adventure!

LEO UPDATE: Lisa was washing Leo's feet during his bath and the boy actually giggled. Any moment now, the Cutest Baby Ever is going to laugh!

Until my next update, I remain, your lucky correspondent.