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Five Hours

Besides wanting to attend a Duck football game, show Lucy off to our friends and family and share the Thanksgiving holiday with us, Lisa was in Oregon to attend her 15th high school reunion. She graduated from a very small private prep school - with just 53 others - most enrolled at the school from preschool through high school. They agreed to meet at a popular Portland brew pub for a casual get-together.

This meant Bubba and I were babysitting and would be in charge of a three year old (boy!) and an infant for five hours.

Here is my report:

6:30 - Towncar arrived to take Lisa and Lenny downtown, about a 45 minutes drive from our house to the pub. Didn't want them to drive.

6:45 - Dave entertained Lucy while Leo and I prepared Leo's dinner. He decided on turkey nachos. Leo made the nachos himself - placed shredded turkey and shredded cheese on four tortilla chips - then I baked the creation for a few minutes. Leo had his dinner with guacamole, orange segments and grapes. Leo is getting to be quite the little chef. Sometime during the evening, DT heated up a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers for himself and I made myself a cold turkey sandwich.

After dinner, I gave Leo a bath and then he jumped - naked - on my bed for ten minutes. After I wrastled Leo into his jammies we all gathered by a cozy fire and switched to the Disney Channel where some sort of a "princess kissing a frog" show was airing. Leo was transfixed.

7:30 - Lucy explodes with such velocity, it was measured at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. So impressive was this diaper-filler, the little lady needed an unscheduled bath and an unscheduled load of laundry. Lucy took a little nap after her bath.

8:25 - Lucy wakes from her nap, crying. She wanted to be fed. Lucy is breastfed and is not very excited about taking a bottle. I tried and I tried. She cried and she cried. Then she screamed and screamed, but refused to let that plastic nipple anywhere near her mouth. 

9:00 - Lucy finally cried herself to sleep in my arms. I moved to a chair in front of the fire and held her for two hours while she slept.

9:10 - Leo fell asleep on the sofa, where he remained until his parents returned.

11:30 - Lenny and Lisa returned to Taylor Manor as scheduled, after enjoying a great evening with her classmates.

11:31 - Dave and I went to bed.

Until my next update, I remain, your babysitting correspondent.