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Feathered Father’s Day

I need to catch-up a bit and have many photos to post, so I am going to jump right in...

Please ignore the Oregon State Beaver garter Katie is wearing

Yesterday, Mary hosted a bridal shower for Woody & Kathy's (#3 child) Katie. She and her long-time boyfriend, Greg, will be married later this summer. Katie is a bit shy and was hesitant to open her numerous gifts, but after the third or fourth package, Katie began to relish her task. Goodness, if they didn't receive an entire new kitchen yesterday. So exciting!

Mary planned the perfect shower for Katie. Mary and Steve worked for weeks to prepare their garden to host 35 guests on the patio. Mary's garden was stunning... assuming you could see it through the pouring rain showers. Our weather is simply pathetic. No matter, Steve & Mary have a big house and the event was moved indoors. Mary served a delicious salad luncheon and her guests enjoyed a lovely afternoon celebrating the bride. Such fun! Everyone is so excited for Greg & Katie's wedding on August 13 (which is the day before our grandson is due... and DT and I are planning to attend... with fingers and toes crossed).

Later that evening, the rain stopped for 3.7 seconds and DT grilled chicken on our rain-soaked deck.

DT at the grill

Our rhododendrons don't seem to mind the rain!

In other news - our house is "for the birds". Our home is situated in a thick forest, with a creek running through the middle of the woods. There are wild nut trees and wild berries galore. With these conditions, you can just imagine the amount of bird life. We love the birds. We hate the birds. We have a constant battle to stop the critters from creating nests on our house! One clever bird beat us again this year!

She made her mossy nest on top of one of the outdoor speakers under the eaves on our patio deck. DT suggests I begin blasting Jimmy Buffett music through the speakers and she will certainly abandon her plans for motherhood... but even I am not that cruel.

The hummingbirds are happy we have returned for the summer and that we have filled their feeder with their sugar juice (1 cup sugar dissolved in 4 cups boiling water). Did I ever tell you the little snobs hummingbirds will not touch the nectar that I prepare with organic sugar (it is cloudy) and practically DEMAND the crystal-clear C&H stuff?

But we did have a very rare visitor this weekend:

This is only the third time in 17 years we have seen a Great Horned Owl in the forest behind our house. (I hesitate to say "our forest", because it obviously is "owned" by creatures other than ourselves.)

Great Horned Owl is an incredible creature. Look at the fabulous coloring in the feathers! I hope s/he sticks around for the summer. I will admit to snapping this photo through the window. I know better. Owls have super-sonic hearing... and the moment I clicked the latch on the patio door, the owl flew away... which was amazing in itself - the whoosh made by her wings is fascinating to hear.

DT had a quiet Father's Day. Lisa sent him a case of his favorite Ponzi Wines for Father's Day, and Her Dad was caught sipping one on the front porch this evening (wearing several layers, but it was not raining at the time).

We ended the day by grilling again - DT cooked Lisa's Famous Turkey Burgers and I made French Fries.

If you have not tried the no-mess, no-stink method of frying potatoes, please have a look at my recipe test from June 2009. I will never make fries another way. The recipe is perfect.

DT had a good day. A long run. A fabulous golf tournament, the Mariners won and he has nearly recovered physically from spending last week with His Favorite Daughter.

Tomorrow: something different!

Until my next update, I remain, your caught-up correspondent.