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Entertaining the Kids

Tuesday | 29 September 2020 | Normandy, France La Quinta, California: We attended Yom Kippur services virtually via Zoom. Such an odd holiday this year. LA schools are closed on Yom Kippur, so no class work. Our fast was broken with a platter of smoked salmon (lox and dry-cured), along with the bagels I baked Sunday.

Back to reality on Tuesday though, but with a fun treat after lunch. Lisa and Dave rigged-up a "donuts-on-a-string" game... bobbing for donuts?

There is always swimming after school. Notice how brown the grass is on the golf course? It's "scalping" time in the Coachella Valley. All lawn is scraped down to the bare dirt in early October, then reseeded. It is a dust-bowl nightmare down here this week. Dust even settles into the pool, all over our furniture, and probably into our lungs as well. (Just as the smoke from the forest fires is beginning to go away.) As soon as the scalping is finished, the lawns are over-seeded and irrigated like mad. Within a week, everything is gorgeous and green again.

Leo rides his bike for around 45 minutes before school starts in the morning, and Lucile practices ballet.

The kids also played some-sort of dance game competition (Leo v Lucile), using the television Tuesday. No wonder they are asleep as soon as they crawl into their beds each evening.

Since we wanted to watch the debate at 6p, instead of our usual sit-down meal, Lisa (it's Take-Out-Tuesday - my day-off from cooking dinner) made a gorgeous platter of Greek-inspired delights for serious snacking. Thankfully we had pretty-much finished eating before the debate aired, or we would have all lost our appetite. SO MUCH YELLING!

The platter included hummus, grilled haloumi cheese, roasted potatoes, fruits, veggies, spanakopita, pita bread, and Chrissy Teigen's Whipped Feta Dip. Definitely going to make this dip again. Really delicious. Lisa can really make a mezze tray, can't she? (Looking at the photo, I realized the tray is Italian, the top blue bowl is Mexican and the feta dip is in a bowl from Japan!)

Until my next update, I remain, your entertaining correspondent.