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Eight Years

Indio, California:  Eight years ago today, we spent our first night in the Magna Peregrinus - the most beautiful motorcoach in the world (to us). After spending a few days in Eugene signing papers and transferring our belongings into the new RV (from the old RV), we drove a few miles north, up I-5, checked into a campground and proceeded to push a lot of buttons, flip a lot of switches and read a lot of owner manuals.

21 November 2008

There have been a few (actually, very few) hiccups along the way. Our Country Coach Magna (650hp Cummins) runs well. When we push buttons, the RV responds and performs. Due to regular maintenance and regular cleaning, steaming, leather treatments, cabinet oiling, etc. (by a professional crew), our motorhome doesn't look much different than the day it left the showroom. (A few dings, and the maple cabinetry has become darker with time.)

We still have the original furniture, televisions (three of them), dishwasher, washer/dryer, fridge (one major repair). Just typing that last sentence caused a bit of fear.

Looking at the above photo... we still use those dishes daily. We are still married. To each other. My hair is quite a bit greyer. We still love champagne.

Our life has changed quite a bit since we bought the Magna Peregrinus. Eight years ago, we used to drive and drive and drive and travel and travel and travel and blog and blog and blog. That was before Lisa married Lenny and they gave us two beautiful grandchildren. Before we bought a campsite in the Motorcoach Country Club (two hours from Lisa and her family). Now we do a lot more parking than traveling, and that is just fine with us. Things change. I realize "sitting still" does not make for exciting blog posts, but this is our life now, it works, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

We never imagined grandchildren would so change our world. I want to explain this to new parents: Listen to me. In 30 (whatever!) years your little baby will make you a grandparent and your grandchild will fill your heart with so much love. You think your heart is full with love for your new baby, but your heart will grow with more love when you hold your grandchildren. The grandchild will cause you to love your child MORE and in new ways. Is it possible? YES!

The human capacity to love is obviously limitless.

Oops. Sorry. This was a blog post about an eight year old motorhome.

Until my next update, I remain, your loving correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club