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Ducks Lose

Las Vegas, Nevada: A very long day, Dear Reader. Over eight miles/20,000 steps on my pedometer. A great day because we were with family, but a very sad day as the Ducks failed to progress in the Pac-12 basketball tournament.

Our day started by walking to The Bellagio Hotel for breakfast at their (once really nice) breakfast café. It no longer is very nice, a bit dingy (?). It was interesting that the famous conservatory is currently being switched-out from the Lunar New Year display to a spring-themed display.

Spring in the works

Notice the workers in cranes/cherry-pickers? There were several riser-type units in use today. Hundreds of fresh plants and flowering shrubs were lined-up to be be planted. At least thirty workers were like bees buzzing to complete the latest landscape in the Bellagio Conservatory. This is the first time we have visited during the switch-over. Very interesting. If you are ever in Las Vegas, I urge you to visit the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel. Looking is free.

Speaking of art installations, we saw several others today:

A giant has been blowing bubbles in the Aria Hotel lobby. Very pretty, but it is still Lunar New Year in the Crystal Shops on Las Vegas Boulevard:

I swear, this is the year of the Rabbit.

Later we met Kris and Brother Steve in front of the fountains at The Bellagio:

Bellagio Fountains

Later we went to lunch together to EATALY, before heading off on our own adventures. We went to the Ducks v UCLA game at T-Mobile Arena.

The Duck

Well... the game started out okay, with the Ducks and Bruins scoring one after the other, keeping the score tight... but then it went awry. The Bruins had already lost their best player, Jaylen Clark, to injury and then Adem Bona went to the locker room with a possible shoulder injury. Didn't seem to make any difference. If anything, the Bruins rallied and began tossing-up 3 pointers like it was their job.

Time-outs did not help

Our Ducks collapsed in a heap, losing to the Mighty Bruins 75-56. UCLA is ranked #4 in the nation and they will represent the Pac-12 very well. Good luck to the Bruins in the NCAA tourney (UCLA will go to the big dance regardless).

The teams shook hands after the contest, but I don't think anyone exchanged digits.

Great game, fellas.

Dave and I did not stay for the Arizona v Arizona State game. The Arizona fans were already booing the ASU team when they entered the arena. So loud and rude. We looked at each other and made the decision to exit the facility before a riot broke-out. At least losing tonight made for an easy decision as to our Jimmy Buffett tickets tomorrow. We sold our championship game tickets to a scalper as we exited the stadium.

We stopped for taquitos and margaritas on the way back to our hotel and will call it an early night (in Las Vegas time, anyway.) Arizona crushed ASU.

Until my next update, I remain, your I LOVE MY DUCKS correspondent.