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Dinner. Lunch. Dinner.

Sisters, Oregon: We have been in Sisters for the past two days visiting with family and friends.

Oh, who am I kidding?

We have been eating with family and friends... and I have not been running because it is pouring rain and really cold and I melt in the rain.

We chose the Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort, formerly known as the KOA. (It was a fairly dumpy KOA too.) I hardly recognized the place when we pulled-in Sunday night. The new owners have planted tons of lawn on every site, added stone patios, trees, paths and beautiful bath houses with heated tile floors. Their "camping cabins" have bathrooms and full kitchens with dishwashers. The pool is heated. There is a hot tub and everything is just gorgeous. They even have front-in lake sites. The only thing they do not have is water pressure. Like zero. Like we have to use our water pump to supplement their trickle.

Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort

Yes, they have larger sites... but you get-what-you-get when you show up on a holiday weekend without reservations! Dolt. We completely zoned-out on the Memorial Day holiday.

And while I am on the subject... may I rant? Why do people say, "Happy Memorial Day"? Why do stores have Memorial Day Sales? There is nothing to celebrate. On Memorial Day Our Nation remembers citizens who died in service to their country. (Both our families have many who served in the military and many who served during wartimes. I am happy to say, they all returned home, upright. That is what Veterans Day is about - to thank our Veterans.)

Saturday night we had plans for dinner with my #2 brother, Rick, (I am #1 of 5) and his wife. We had planned to take them to dinner, but they informed us that residents of touristy Sisters do not leave their homes on holiday weekends. Ali had just been in Seattle and had brought home lovely King salmon. Ali grilled the salmon, corn on the cob and steamed veggies on the grill. I contributed a Greek Salad. Ali also baked an apple pie.

We basically starved.

Rick, Terry & Ali - Rick built his own log cabin!

Another great thing? While Ali and I were getting dinner together, Rick and DT washed my filthy car!

The weather was stormy all day, but we drove into Bend to have lunch with my #4 sibling, Ken. We did not take a photo of Ken, but Ken took a photo of us:

Sorry, phone photo... but we look better blurry.

My #4 brother told us about a new hot-spot in Bend, Zydeco Kitchen - a New Orleans-inspired restaurant. I would not have thought to open a Louisiana restaurant in Bend, but apparently the chef is really on-top of things as Zydeco Kitchen is where our friends, Jesse & Lauren, asked us to meet them tonight.

The food was over-the-top delicious. Portions were ridiculously huge, however, so we brought home a massive doggie bag... but we were too busy chatting with the kids to eat anyway. Lauren and Jesse are ten days away from the due-date for their first baby!

Such a great time in life! Dave and I can actually kindaremember when Lisa was about to be born. Oh, the anxiety - waiting for your first child!

We didn't know (in advance) if our baby was a boy or girl (because it was 1981 and we were in the Philippines). All I had for advice was a yellowed Dr. Spock paperback. We had a package of black-market (smuggled from the US Navy or Air Force base outside Manila) disposable diapers. Now that I think about the circumstances of the situation, Lisa turned-out okay.

Pretty-sure the last thing you think about when having a baby is one day they will do the same. Pretty-sure that never crossed our minds in 1981. But we are now  totally-sure grandchildren are the best part of life.

Leo, Lenny & Lisa

Happens in a flash. Enjoy every moment.

Until my next update, I remain, your blessed correspondent.

RV PARK: Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort - Formerly the Sisters KOA. Don't let the name fool you, this place is only 4 miles from Sisters and nearly 20 to Bend. Really a beautiful campground with everything you could need, except water pressure. Fire pits, picnic tables, free wifi, store, bath houses, laundry, heated pool, hot tub. Open all year. Next to Sisters Rodeo grounds. We paid $35 per night, but prices go up in summer for "the season".