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Clouded Mystery

Indio, California:  Not every day is perfect in Paradise. December and January bring warm days, and cold nights. There is a reason we have a fireplace and ceiling heaters in our outdoor pavilion. Occasionally, it even freezes overnight.

Our motorhome was washed Monday morning, which usually means it will rain the next day. Oh, Mother Nature tried, but drops never fell from the sky and our coach continues to shine.

I mentioned we have our eldest grand child dawg, Reese, staying with us. Reese, now 12, is supposed to undergo an allergy test which consisted of switching to a new food and no treats, table scraps, etc. This would be a nightmare at Reese's house. His favorite thing to do is wait under Lucy's high chair or follow the kids around if they have a cracker... so Bubbe and Bubba to the rescue again.

For three days, we mixed his old food with his new food. Reese chomped it down. Readily. Then proceeded to get sick (from the back end). We convinced ourselves it was due to being in a car for two hours, etc., and really didn't worry about it at all... except it continued on to the next day and then a third day and Reese finally stopped eating. I spoke with Lisa and she agreed we should go back to his normal dog food/diet for now. Reese went back to his old food and is back to his old self already. He walked with me for an hour yesterday. (Hmmm... do they make pedometers for dogs?)

A tired dog is a happy dog.

This meant closing-up the fancy new (super expensive) dog food and buying another bag of his old dog food. Costco. Only available in a 35 pound bag. Oh, can I even explain how much fun it is to go to Costco a few days before Christmas? It's like people heard on the news the Zombie Apocalypse is scheduled so you'd better stock up on prime rib and booze.

My reward:

Tacos. Tacos Gonzalez. Tacos G.

(Why do I take a photo of my chicken taco every time I go to Tacos G? They look exactly the same every time.)

And this:

Speaking of tacos, most Mexican restaurants around here have a "Taco Tuesday" special, but we have decided to make an (more serious than last year) effort to try new restaurants, so we are implementing a "Try it Tuesday" into our weekly routine. The goal is to visit a new restaurant or maybe a place we have not been to in quite a while on Tuesdays.

This week we returned to Lavender Bistro in Old Town La Quinta. This restaurant is very popular as it has a beautiful tree-filled outdoor patio, complete with twinkly lights, uniformed waiters, excellent service, live music and great food.

House-smoked salmon appetizer

Our food was very good. I had their house-smoked lox as an appetizer and butternut squash ravioli (appetizer portion) as my main course. Dave had a Caesar salad and another appetizer - calamari - as his main course. With drinks, our meal was just over $100, which is pretty expensive for four appetizers. Still, we would return as the ambience is really lovely.

But please notice the cloudy sky tonight in the above sunset photo. Without the clouds, My Driver may not have noticed a glow in the night sky after we parked the car before dinner. The glow was moving and eerily illuminated the clouds. Due to the low speed, we assumed it was a private jet circling to land at one of the local airstrips, yet there was no noise. As we watched, it exploded in front of our eyes, yet continued on its course, leaving a trail of sparkly debris. What had we just witnessed? Did a plane just explode? Was it a meteor?

After being seated at the restaurant, I rudely checked my phone to see if there had been some sort of air disaster. Nothing. Probably just a meteor.

By the time we were home, the local news was filled with accounts of people from Nevada and California reporting a bright streaking fire ball, and overnight it was reported to be a Russian rocket body booster re-entering earth atmosphere after being launched Monday.

Whew. Nothing tragic. Santa's sleigh did not explode. No Zombie Apocalypse. Thanks for freaking me out, Putin.

Until my next update, I remain, your calmed-down correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club