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City Slickers

Jackson, Wyoming: We woke to a stormy, cold, windy and rainy Jackson! No hiking for us today.

After many days of nature, we were ready for a little city life anyway, and stormy weather is the perfect opportunity to explore downtown Jackson (read that, shop), as nearly every sidewalk is covered. It is either raining, snowing or hot in Jackson, so covered sidewalks are versatile.

But first, lunch! We had visited the Merry Piglet Mexican Grill on our last trip through Jackson and remembered their delicious salsa, so thought this would be a good spot for a quick lunch. Merry Piglet is very casual, prices are reasonable and when you step inside, you are transported from the Wild West of Jackson to a little Mexican village.

The Merry Piglet salsa was even better than we remembered. The margaritas too. (Hey, it was five o'clock somewhere.)

They brought us something they have just added to the menu - Twisted Cowgirl Dip. Something like a chili con queso dip, but with a bit of ground beef stirred-in. Then a blop of guacamole and a scoop of salsa are added to the top... and then promptly sink down into the hot dip. Yes, it was yummy.

Note to self: take two Lipitor tonight.

I had delicious soft-shell chicken tacos. (I always have chicken tacos, don't I? Sorry.) DT was more adventurous and ordered enchiladas in a green chili sauce. Delicious. What a great lunch.

The art work in the Merry Piglet is so fun. Check out the donut eating police pig! Martini-drinking Chihuahua! Love it!

We spent the afternoon looking through galleries and shops. Jackson has a great variety of shops - and of course, a few tacky souvenir tee-shirt shops. If you are looking for western-themed home decor, Jackson is the place.

Jackson is a cowboy town at heart, but just happens to have some of the best fly-fishing and snow skiing in the world. I saw a Cadillac Escalade taxi today!

Downtown shops and businesses are framed around a relaxing park square. Each corner has an arch made of (naturally-shed) elk antlers. While retaining the historic downtown, new architecture throughout Jackson has a natural western motif - and there are many new buildings. We have seen a new post office, a new library and a fabulous new art center. Jackson is a very nice town!

So you know how our bus is kinda "Ducked-Out"? Maybe the casual passer-by (and the throngs of people who honk/wave at us on the highway) could think we are big fans of the University of Oregon Ducks? Our neighbors are our Oklahoma State Cowboy doppelgangers. How fun! Plus, they are in a Country Coach Magna! Twins? Sue & Mick live in Stillwater and travel all over the country in their beautiful Magna, and like us, plan their schedule around college athletics. What a great life! Go Cowboys (unless the Cowboys are playing the Ducks, of course).

For dinner tonight, we went to the most popular restaurant in Jackson - the Rendezvous Bistro. Absolutely wonderful. Drinks were perfect, a great wine list and the menu is over-the-top even by big-city standards. We were chatted up by a nice couple from Atlanta and have convinced them Oregon is their next perfect vacation destination, as I continue on my Divine Mission to promote my Great State.

Duck confit with potato dumplings. Perfect.

Tomorrow? We hike.

Until my next update, I remain, your Jackson correspondent.

RV Park: The Virginian Lodge RV Resort. Our usual and favorite campsite in Jackson. Nothing fancy at all, and really expensive - but right in town with full-service 50 amp pull throughs. Gravel sites with a picnic table on a little spot of lawn. Hot tub, pool and cafe at the adjacent hotel. Cable, bathhouse & laundry. No wifi that I can find. We are paying $62 per night. Dang.