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Cinderella in Hollywood

Los Angeles, California: While they were away, Lisa bought tickets on-line arranged for Dave and I to take Leo to see the new Disney movie, Cinderella. Not only did we see the film, we saw the film in the Disney-owned, perfectly-restored, fantastic El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. Since Disney owns the joint, Olaf (from Frozen) entertained the kidlets with a song and dance before the show and the original costume worn by Cinderella was on display in the lobby.

Leo thought it was all pretty magical.

The El Capitan is across Hollywood Boulevard from Mann's Chinese Theater

Joking aside - this dress is blue -
just a thousand flash bulbs were going off when I snapped this photo.

The theater proudly uses a 1920 Wurlitzer organ before the shows. The organ - and the organist - disappear below the stage via a mini elevator platform. Magic!

Identical opera boxes flank the stage. You may be interested to know The Muppet Movie was filmed at The El Capitan! Just imagine Statler and Waldorf heckling performers from these gorgeous balconies.

Olaf (the comical side-kick from Frozen) appeared on stage before the film began. He sang a song and danced. Leo was entranced. Me too. DT couldn't figure out how anyone could dance/move with their legs so far apart in a costume.

DT has a legitimate point.

Moments before the film began, Disney ran a "short" called Frozen Fever. The eight-minute movie is about Queen Elsa throwing a birthday party for her sister, Anna. Elsa has a cold, so leaves a few arrangements to others. Chaos ensues. It is very funny. Leo loved Frozen Fever

39 second trailer below:

Guess what, Grandparents? Frozen 2 is coming!

Let the Show Begin! Our tickets came with "free" popcorn and drinks. Little Munchkin chowed-down on popcorn and apple juice. The theater provided booster seats for shorter patrons.

I did not use a booster seat.


I really liked the movie. Such pretty sets and amazing special effects - especially the pumpkin to/from carriage parts. Loved watching two Downton Abbey actresses (Lily James - Cousin Rose on Downton - is Cinderella, and Sophie McShera - Daisy on Downton - plays Evil Stepsister Drisella) on the Big Screen.

It was a great Sunday in Los Angeles!

Until my next update, I remain, your Hollywood correspondent.