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Chicken with Salsa Verde

Not enjoyable.

Tonight I prepared Chicken with Salsa Verde from the Sunday (9 March 2008New York Times. The recipe from Mark Bittman ("The Minimalist", Bittman is also the author of the popular food blog, Bitten and author of the best-selling "How to Cook Anything" cookbook series) sounded intriguing and the salsa contained a lot of pumpkin seeds (and I HAD a lot of pumpkin seeds).

Whole chicken legs are browned in oil, then removed from the pan. A salsa verde is made with tomatillos, onion, garlic, poblanos, jalapenos and cilantro. The chicken is returned to the pan, buried-down in the salsa, covered and stewed until cooked through. Bittman suggests garnishing with more green stuff: avocados, lime, green onions, cabbage, etc.

The odd crunch of the pumpkin seeds was the worst part! They added nothing (except nutrition) to the dish. I took about twenty photos and they all were so drab because the dish is so drab. Bittman planned the dish as a tribute to St. Patrick's Day "green", but in this case it is drab green.

Camo-food.  Don't make this drab dish.