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Indio, California: DT and I have returned to Indio and have brought a Little Guy with us. Leo? Are you nuts? No, we have brought our Grand Dawg, Reese, for a little R&R. The kids are coming for a visit in a bit, so we all agreed Reese would probably enjoy a few days of long walks and toddler-free respite... and DT and I would enjoy a few days with our darling little Grand Dawg.

By the way... 1) when we are at Lenny & Lisa's house, Reese sleeps on the foot of ourbed in the guest room, and 2) Leo's name for Reese: Ceese, and 3) Reese is just one of a long line of chocolate-themed dogs in our extended family - Snickers... Godiva... Hershey... and 4) Reese is the last-living of our family pooches.

Hard to believe this mutt (Reese is a true pound-puppy rescue dog) is nearly 11 years old! Fairly-sure Reese is a Yorkie/Mini-Poodle gone wrong, but we will never know. He is just what he is and we love Reese and are fairly certain he likes us as well (thus the whole-sleeping-on-the-foot-of-our-bed-in-the-guest-room-thing).

We took Reese for a ride around the resort this evening via our golf cart. He remembered how to get up on the seat and really enjoyed his little sunset cruise.

While I was out exercising today, I noticed quite a few campers have seriouslydecorated for the Christmas holiday.

Simple, yet elegant.

What to decorate when there are no Fir trees for miles.

No comment.


Reese is handling his renewed status as #1 Grandchild with regal composure. We hope to spoil him as much as possible before he is returned to Los Angeles.

GENTLE HOLIDAY REMINDER TO READERS: If you are going to do any shopping at amazon.com, please visit their store via my link (black round circle at the top right of every page on this website). This link gives RVGoddess.com a little commission from Amazon on every purchase you make, which helps off-set the costs of running this blog. Your purchases are private. I do not know who you are or what you bought. Thank you!

SLOGGER REPORT: Don't laugh/cry, but I did not exercise for three days while in Los Angeles. (Not that I didn't fall into bed each night exhausted after spending the day with a toddler.) I was right back at-it today, clocking off another five miles. Yeah, me. (This does not include the 1.5 miles I walked with Reese... because walking with Reese isn't exactly exercise. He is 11 and has had both rear ACL's repaired. Reese actually jogs slower than me. 72 miles down; 28 miles to go.

Go. Go. Go.

Until my next update, I remain, your Indio correspondent.

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