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Back to My Messy Life

The re-siding project moves into the fourth week. The constant pounding continues. Nail guns. Hammers. Saws. Men walking around everywhere outside. This makes for interesting showering/dressing situations. Since we live in the middle of a forest, with no close-by neighbors, we have few curtains or shades. Usually this isn't a problem as even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar isn't tall enough to see into our bathroom window, but dudes on scaffolding can. 

The work crew are a fine flock of fellows, but I am tired of the pounding. Tired of the dust. Tired of a porta-potty in our garden.

One flashback to Leo's birthday:

Lisa and Lenny gave Leo a Hape Contemporary All-Season 3-Story Dollhouse for his birthday. It is made of wood and came fully-furnished - it even has a toilet. The roof has (pretend) solar panels and is reversible to a snow scene for winter! Clever. Angela gave Leo all sorts of accessories - and a multi-generational family - for the house. Leo really loves his playhouse.

But boys will be boys... and Leo turned it into a barn straight-away.

Here are photos of our lovely home:

Don't be jealous.

Hardie Plank is such a nice "baby-poop" yellow, don't you think? 

No kidding: the workers banged so hard on the den wall, my task lamp plug bounced right out of the wall socket.

It was too hot to cook, so I made a big Greek Salad for dinner.

Which we did not enjoy al fresco.

Until my next update, I remain, your tired correspondent.