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Back in “The Eug”

Eugene, Oregon: I don't suppose there is a person reading this blog who does not know DT is a huge Duck football fan. Just in case... DT is a huge Duck football fan! We are in Eugene for the weekend home opener against the University of New Mexico Lobos.

We are camped at our autumn "home away from home", Premier RV Resort - conveniently located right next to Interstate 5.

Yes, it is a little noisy, but they have huge pull-through sites with 50 amps. Everything a girl needs. (They also have cable TV and free high-speed wifi.)

Premier RV Resort is also conveniently located at the bottom of the famed Coburg Hills which My Driver informed me I "need to run up" tomorrow. I am fairly certain I do not "need" to run up the Coburg Hills tomorrow, but I am fairly certain I will.

It will give me something to bitch complain about the rest of the weekend day.

That'll teach him.

After settling-in and resting up, we went downtown to have dinner at Marché with our friend, Rob. Rob has his MBA from the Warsaw School at the University of Oregon. This school specializes in sports marketing. Rob was on the team that organized the 2008 Olympic Track & Field trials in Eugene. I just love Rob. As always, we enjoyed delicious meals at Marché.

This time of year every (decent) restaurant in Oregon is serving tomatoes of every sort. We only get about two weeks a year where tomatoes are actually ripe enough to cut without a chainsaw, which, of course, every Oregonian carries with them at all times with a knife and fork. For some strange reason, we all ordered steak frites. Why not? It is always perfect at Marché.

It just wouldn't be a RVGoddess.com post without one little teeny food photo, would it?


Can't help myself.

Even in my tallest (strappiest) heels, Rob is 16 inches taller than me. I am really short. Rob is really tall.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The Magna Peregrinus is being washed and our favorite RV tech is coming over to tweak a few things.

Until my next update, I remain, your really short correspondent.