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Back in Oregon

We are now back in Oregon and just missed a terrible rain storm last night. We received over two inches of rain at our house Wednesday. Streets were flooded. Streams over-flowed. Lightning. Thunder. This pales in comparison with the terrible floods this week in the mid-west, but is still fairly substantial for Oregon in June.

We were not home to see our gutters over-flow, but could see the debris around our house this morning. The little creek behind our house became a river last night. New streams carved their paths all around our property. There is a lot of clean-up work for us DT this week.

And... there is this to ponder.

First matter of the day was, of course, futbol.

Must. Watch. FIFA.

USA v Germany: I did not agree with the post-game commentators. I didn't think America played that well. I didn't think it was that exciting of a game. But what do I know? I still think Algeria is one of the most explosive teams with their fast-paced game. The Monday Algeria v Germany game could be one of the best games of the tourney!

After our LA food-binge of food-cart burgers and house-cured Pastrami Short Rib sandwiches, I prepared a vegetarian meal this evening.

New Seasons Market had burrata (fresh mozzarella stuffed with even fresher mozzarella and cream) today. This product is very fragile and lasts but a day, so when available, I will put it in my basket.

One ball of burrata, split in half, and served over a home-made balsamic reduction, with organic heirloom tomatoes, Oregon olive oil, Oregon sea salt, freshly-cracked black pepper and fresh basil.

A great appetizer/salad course before the entree - Risi e Bisi - tonight made with caramelized shallots (instead of onion and garlic).

A classic Italian risotto recipe and very RV-friendly as my version needs only olive oil, onion, garlic (or shallots), Arborio rice, warmed chicken or vegetable stock, frozen peas, a little butter and Parmesan cheese. It takes a bit (40+ minutes) of stirring, but I can stir and sip wine at the same time.

Bet you can too!

We learned Leo cried all the way home after dropping us off at the airport because he thought (somehow?) he was coming on the plane with us to Oregon. Lenny sent a photo of a sobbing boy, strapped in his car seat - which is seriously way-too-sad to post on this little blog. How I miss My Little Guy already.

Good news! Leo somehow "grasped" the "holding-on-to-the-edge-of-the-pool" scenario at his swim class this morning and was allowed to jump from the diving board!


Until my next update, I remain, your domestic correspondent.