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My Dad's house is empty. His garage is empty. This week and next, his house will be busy as a bee hive with cleaners, painters and gardeners prepping the house for new tenants. Then Dad will head-off into the sunset in his motorhome.

Our sister deserves a humanitarian award of some sort for her efforts organizing the complete dismantling of a life's accumulation - and for making some tough decisions about what to do with the belongings.

Some belongings are just that. Toasters. Rakes. Books. Sometimes though, sentiment gets involved. A blanket is just something to keep you warm, unless your Mother crocheted the blanket. Then, a simple blanket is a family heirloom. Sometimes family heirlooms are shipped off to a favorite grandchild. Sometimes family heirlooms are sold in estate sales. Sometimes they go to charity. These decisions are heart-wrenching.

Heart-wrenching until you are on Day Three of an Estate Sale.

On Day Three of an Estate Sale, you will give your Grandmother's antique tea set just to sit down for five minutes.

Just kidding.

I think.

Dad took his daughters out to dinner last night to thank us and we were very appreciative. We had a great meal and then a night-cap at my hotel before going our separate ways this morning.

I arrived home to this:

Woo Hoo!

It was sunny for three days in a row. The Mower Dude showed up and cut our field.

Until my next update, I remain, your empty correspondent.