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An afternoon in town

Puerto Penasco, Mexico:  No comment about that margarita last night or the SIX mistakes I found in my column this morning. Oops. Don't drink and blog, Terry! 

We were up early and ran on the sand roads near the campground, because the tide was in too high to run on the beach. This is what I mean by a "sand road":

A route is carved by a bulldozer and packed hard with water and a roller. The roads are constantly being watered and graded. The streets in town are paved, but outside of town - and in many residential areas - the streets are sand. The roads are completely safe for driving - we drove our bus on this road to reach the RV park.

We went into town for lunch this afternoon at Senor Amigos, where you can get a great piece of white fish drowning in butter and garlic.

My dining companions at Senor Amigos in Puerto Penasco

The view out the window - I have circled the Magna Peregrinus (in red) miles down the beach

Love that garlic!

After lunch we took a stroll along the Malacon on the waterfront.

A great place for a stroll in the sun

Waterfront Plaza in Puerto Penasco

Memorial to Fishermen

Puerto Penasco

Here we are on the Malacon in Puerto Penasco this afternoon

And... since this is the "Deja Vu All Over Again" tour - here we are at the same location in 2007

And no visit to Mexico is complete without a little shopping. Okay, so the only thing I bought was a massive bunch of pencil-thin asparagus for $1... but we did enjoy looking:

Anyone need a beer-drinking chimp for their front porch?

Religious shell craft

For "Day of the Dead"

Always interesting to stroll the streets in Puerto Penasco

Back at the campground, the tide was very low and the reef was exposed, so Dave and I went down to explore the tide pools.

Our view this evening

We found some cool seaweedy-type stuff

We also found a very cool - and very dead - crab

And a very much alive fish. The fish is about one inch long.

Many pretty shells

DT exploring the tide pools on the beach in Puerto Penasco

Our campsite from the reef

Until my next update, I remain, your tidal correspondent.

RV Park:  
The Reef RV Park - Hundreds of campsites, all in sand. 30 & 50 amp power, water and sewer. Some power hookups are shared - one camper gets the 50 amp, and their neighbor has to use the 30 amp. This campground is popular with ATVers, families and many Canadians spend the winter here. A regular campsite (non-ocean front) is $150 week.