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Almost. Not Quite.

I have been on a cooking and baking binge the past few days. Maybe I am nesting as I settle back into life in our house without wheels? Maybe I like the vast expanse of counter space? Maybe because The Lovely Lisa is flying home for Father's Day weekend? Maybe I'm just hungry?

Who knows.

But since I try to "tell it like it is" on this blog, I am announcing a cooking failure. Yep. Something didn't go as planned in the kitchen today. I wanted to make Pecan Sticky Rolls... aka Cinnamon Rolls. I wanted to make them in my jumbo muffin tins. I have made them many, many, many times before. They are so lovely and gooey - when turned upside down after baking and all that lovely caramel runs down the sides of the rolls. Today, as my recipe makes twelve sticky rolls, I wanted to put most of them in the freezer, so I decided to try paper liners.

What was I thinking?

I put the nuts and the gooey caramel sauce in the the bottom of the muffin cup.

Then I rolled-out a lovely sweet buttermilk dough.

Next, I slathered the dough with melted butter.

Sprinkled a mixture of sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and pecans over the entire thing.

Rolled it up.

Sliced it up.

Then I carefully placed the rolls in the muffin pans, on top of the caramel and nuts. The rolls were covered and left to rise.

Thirty minutes later they were ready for the oven.

And in another thirty minutes, they had finished baking.

The pastries were so pretty.

The house smelled divine.

Guess the name "Pecan Sticky Rolls" is appropriate, because the dang things stuck to the paper liner and did not want to come out. The rolls were not pretty when turned upside down for serving. Dang. They are still delicious... if you don't mind eating with your eyes closed.

Note to self: never use paper liners when making cinnamon rolls or sticky buns in jumbo muffin tins.

Just to make sure I hadn't lost my touch, I made garlic bread to accompany our steak and salad dinner.

It was perfect.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I'm Not Martha" correspondent.