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Another busy day. Every day with a toddler is busy... even when the toddler has four adults to watch over him. I had a pre-wedding mani-pedi. Lenny worked. DT went to a meeting. Lisa took Leo to a pay-by-the-hour indoor playground.

I spent the afternoon preparing two big mac & cheese casseroles for visitors. So many people are in town for the wedding tomorrow! Woody & Kathy's #1, Kelsey, and her husband, Brian, came by to introduce us to their new little girl, Ailise. Kelsey and Brian live in England while Brian attends grad school (apparently medieval archeology isn't big in the US), so we don't get to see them very often. Ailise, 5 months, was born in England. This is her first trip to the US and the first time we have met her. Ailise is BEAUTIFUL!

Photo by Kelsey

We were a bit worried about how Leo would react to the baby. He really was not too happy with his Momma holding Ailise, but later became actually curious of the wee one. He was surprisingly gentle with her. He knew to pat her carefully. Then he suddenly kissed and hugged her!

Everyone just melted. But who wouldn't want to kiss and hug Sweet Ailise?

After everyone went home, I gave Leo a bath. Leo just loves bath time. His Mom was not in the room, so I made it a bubble bath. Leo had so much fun. He was playing with our Carmen Miranda rubber ducky, so I started singing Jimmy Buffett's They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More in a funny falsetto operatic voice. Leo - über tired - started laughing. And laughing. And laughing. He was over an hour past his bedtime and giddy with a Marionberry pie sugar high and thought his Bubbe was the most entertaining person in the entire whole wide world. There is nothing like a laughing baby to make every care disappear. I finished-off my concert tonight with an encore consisting of Rock-a-Bye Baby (two verses) and Leo's guaranteed knock-out song, Oh, Lord, Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz.

A great day - only to be topped by a beautiful wedding tomorrow!

Until my next update, I remain, your elated correspondent.

LET'S MOVE IN MARCH! I have challenged y'all to get out there, lace up your sneakers and walk or jog (or the exercise of your choice) at least 30 minutes - five or six days a week in March. I'm doing this for charity and my prominent backside.

Though I slipped-up yesterday, I made up for it today by going four slow miles on the basement treadmill. Add that to a trip through the grocer, cooking in the afternoon and chasing after a toddler, I am on my way to an 18,000 step day. How's it going for you? Please comment below.

Pedometer: 17,960 
Miles jogged for the day/month: 4/65