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A Stormy Day on the Road

Canyonville, Oregon: I am sorry to report that we have had to cut our leisurely trip home extremely short. Weather! A big snow storm is predicted to blow-in overnight Friday, so we wanted/needed to get over the pass on the Oregon-California border before we couldn't get over the pass.

My Poor Driver had a very stressful drive, as we met bad weather and it was beginning to snow as we crossed the Siskiyou Pass. Luckily, DT had no trouble in the slush and we sailed over the mountain. Just as it was getting dark, we found ourselves at Exit 99 - and so will spend the night at the very wonderful Seven Feathers RV Resort - across I-5 from the Seven Feathers Casino.

We only made two shorts stops today. The first was for lunch at a rest stop where we parked next to this fabulous vintage FMC motorhome.

The owner (from Salem, Oregon) was very friendly and we chatted a bit about his beautiful RV. He said his "real" RV is a Country Coach Affinity... this FMC is just his toy. Later in the afternoon, we passed this FMC along the freeway (see video below).

Our second stop was to the famed Liquor Expo just before the Oregon border. I was looking for a bottle of Hangar One Kaffir Lime Vodka as I am planning to create a lime-ginger cocktail with all those key limes Gina and Steve gave us last night.

After setting up camp, I made a very easy meal. Remember those low-fat Swedish Meatballs I made a few weeks ago? The recipe made dozens, so I froze some for this trip. All I had to do was throw some rice in the rice cooker and heat the meatballs and their gravy in a saucepan. Gina provided organic mixed greens and cherry tomatoes for a lovely salad. We watched the UCLA v Washington game on TV and just relaxed. Lisa was watching the same game with friends in Los Angeles, and we texted back and forth. Modern fun!

Our last night on the road... for this week.

I put together a strange little video (available in HD) of our drive today and set it to music. (Francis Ford Coppola is not envious of my film editing skills.) For all you non-Oregonian viewers, there is a little snub to the Oregon State Beavers in this video - as the Powerful Magna Peregrinus easily passes a Reser's Fine Foods truck. The Beaver football stadium is sponsored by Reser's Fine Foods.

Until my next update, from home, I remain, your "take it easy" correspondent.