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A lot to discuss

Excuse me, Patient Reader, if I delve into all sorts of random subjects today. I am "working on my website". This usually requires going to bed at midnight, and waking at 4 o'clock in the morning with a "brilliant idea", working at my desk for hours and then realizing, at 3p, I have not eaten a thing yet have consumed an entire pot of java and it feels as if squirrels are living in my little brain and I need to run four miles.

DT avoids me when I am "working on my website". Today, he went golfing.

DT is a very smart man.

Anyway, today I have re-launched my amazon.com web store. I used to have such a lovely store at amazon.com, but I let it go idle while we were on the road. Today, I have opened it again. If you want to purchase anything at all at amazon.com, go through my link and the RV Goddess will receive a bit of a commission. 

Hey, it could put a little diesel in our tank.

Also, I am making sure you all know for the past five years I have owned a little company called The Camping Journal. It seems I have not let it be known very much that I sell the best RV Log Book on the Entire Planet and possibly the casual reader (or wayward visitor/possible RV owner) to this site may not catch-on that I actually (in my spare time) operate a business. As of today, there is a prominent ad for my RV Log Book on this site. It is only DT who is retired. I still work.


Tomorrow we will discuss this Tomato Gratin.

No need to discuss grilled tarragon chicken.

Avocado Salad is self-explanatory.

The gorgeous view from our deck this evening needs no description.

The gorgeous view from our deck this evening needs no description. (Mariners.)

I do need to describe a bit of excitement from DT's golf outing this afternoon. Seems former Trailblazer/NBA Star/NBA Coach Terry Porter was playing in front of DT and his golfing partner. Terry Porter made a hole-in-one on the ninth hole! TP was a lucky dude (again) as only four or five golfers were there to enjoy a drink on his dime.

I sincerely thank each and every one of you for visiting this little blog. You all are my inspiration. I love your emails and facebook comments! 

We are having another contest in a few days. TWO FABUOLA PRIZES! You will be amazed! Check back!

Until my next update, I remain, your changing correspondent.