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5 May: Tuesday

Puebla, Mexico: Another day in the books. I keep seeing references to Groundhog Day, and really am understanding. Rinse and repeat.

Stay-at-home Tuesday is now just Tuesday... but I still iron the linens. The same 14 dinner napkins, and the same 14 cocktail napkins, were pressed today. Every week. Groundhog Week. Groundhog Month. Groundhog Year?

Ironing in 106 degrees is not fun.

It’s not even a dry heat when using a steam iron.

The neighbors two-doors-down have nearly completed their casita and the landscaping has been installed. I think I saw this place in Tuscany a few years ago?

Not much progress on the campsite on our driver side. Still too hot to pour concrete.

It is Cinco de Mayo and we didn’t even have margaritas. I forgot to make them. Gosh, a margarita would have been so refreshing too. I made an appetizer tray:

Black & green olives, jalapeño jack, cheddar, and Manchego cheeses -
and veg.

And then a “starter” course. Again, I prepped one of the little tins of smoked tuna and mixed-in the ingredients usually used in guacamole: diced jalapeño, red onion, cilantro, and tomato, with plenty of lime juice.

We are really liking this recipe

Dinner tonight was super easy and oven-free. I put some rice in the rice cooker, and heated-up the Chicken Chili Colorado stew, frozen since the 16th of April. Leftovers. I left a note to myself on the jar: serve over rice... so I did.

No margaritas, but we had Mexican food.

Leo made a drawing today. Naturally, it is Duck+Football+Herbert themed, this time with a Star Wars slant. I love the rose at the top of the photo, and the detail in the creepy claws/talons. I thought the ”W” was for the Washington Huskies, until I saw the rose. Sorry, Wisconsin. Maybe next time. In another galaxy.

Until my next update, I remain, your Punxsutawney correspondent.