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25 August: Tuesday

Paris, France La Quinta, California: A bit of a wasted morning... waiting again for the cabinet company to install the shelves above my desk, vertical shelves above the oven, and to install knobs on the upper cabinets. After a 2+hour delay, the finally showed-up and finished everything on my to-do list. 

Happy Dance.

So pleased with the results. Three shelves added to the empty space above my desk in the kitchen. I can't place cookbooks, or mementos, here until tomorrow, but am so happy with the way my simple vision turned-out.

The totally useless (and unreachable) space above the double ovens was transformed to vertical shelving. I can reach everything now... except the upper cabinet (muffin tins of various sizes are up there now) without a step ladder.

I love working with Vintage Cabinets (Indio). They built the rustic cabinets in our casita at the Motorcoach Country Club eight years ago. Nothing is left to chance. They are more OCD than me. Everything is perfect, or it does not leave their shop. (My motto, as well.) Today, my bake-ware was actually measured to make sure everything would fit inside the cubbies... and that I could reach all the cubbies (except the muffin tins) without a step stool. Yes!

Most important - they made a template (of course, nothing is left to chance with Vintage Cabinets) to install knobs on our crappy upper cabinet doors. I am nearly ecstatic over this addition. Seriously, without knobs, a person can stare at the doors and have no idea where to reach for an opening. Those days are behind us now! 

There were even enough knobs left-over to add four to the odd hall "linen" closet. Knobs were also installed on the laundry room upper cabinets. There are no longer knob-less doors in this house.

We attended a cocktail party tonight! Though we are not in Paris with Tamra and Steve, we met them tonight via Zoom. (Seriously, when Dave signed-up for Zoom, I assumed it would be for a month or two. NOT!) I made nibbles, drinks, and we chatted with our old friends in Portland for an hour. So. Much. Fun.

If we would have been in Paris today, we most likely would have had a late start to our day. Dave would have gone for a long run in the Jardin du Luxembourgh, and then we would have strolled around the Luxembrough Gardens, and around Saint Germain (6th arrondissement), probably to see Le Bon Marché, the oldest department store in the world. The building is as enticing as the goods for sale - especially in the food court, never-mind that I can't afford to purchase even a pencil in this shop. Looking is free.

We had chive omelets for dinner tonight - with just a little bit of Parmesan cheese and just a lot of black pepper. Steamed asparagus spears were served on top a smear of that (jarred, purchased) Bearnaise sauce.

Until my next update - that just might include Duck Confit - I remain, your knobby correspondent.