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2 April: Thursday

Indio, California: Dateline Indio. Like there is any where else we could go. So many people have said we are so lucky to have sold our house before the pandemic. True... or not true. Having cash from a house sale v having a place of refuge. Most “campers” in this resort have left for their homes. We no longer have a home.

Good or bad? Talk amongst yourselves.

Other than DT, the only other humans I spoke with today were Mary and Captain Jim... when they happened-by in their golf cart in the afternoon... and we spoke to each other from far-more than the recommended six-foot barrier. Though Our County asked two days ago, last night Our Governor has requested we all wear face masks/bandannas when we go out...but we have yet to go out. We will comply. After learning today we all spit like crazy while we speak - no matter if you are speaking English, Chinese or Serbian. We spit. The doctor interviewed suggested you look at your computer screen... and all those circular stains are from you... spitting.

How are any of us still alive?

Which brings me to something I have often wondered about, but now totally understand. As many of you know, we lived in Asia in the 1980s. It was nothing except normal that people wore masks (usually disposable surgical-type masks) while out and about. Especially in crowds (subways/trains/markets/schools), especially when the pollution levels were off the charts, especially if they were sick or someone in their house were ill, especially in the winter when everyone in the Bowl of Taipei had a cold. In Asia, it is so normal to see someone wearing a face mask, that it is considered normal. Like if someone were wearing glasses. Normal.

I hope this becomes the normal in America - and after this pandemic, I feel it will be. Stay home people, and spit on your-own-selves.

My day was not very exciting. We had horrible wind this morning. DT walked. I did not. I stayed home and sneezed, but we had a lovely lunch, enjoying the rest of the Salad Nicoise and another slice of the baguette.

Cocktail appetizers tonight were slivers of green pepper and radish, garlic+rosemary almonds, green olives (the last jar!) and chunks of cheddar, jalapeño jack and Comte.

Frisée greens with avocado and baby tomatoes... sauced with the remainder of the anchovy vinaigrette from our trip to Paris last night.

Our dinner tonight: leftovers from our lamb a few nights ago. I made a soup stock from the lamb shoulder bones and any veggie scraps I saved (in the freezer) from the past week: potato bits, green bean bits, carrot peels, garlic, parsley, onion skins (I save it all). The broth simmered away while I sautéed onions, garlic, carrots and celery. The minced lamb was added to the pot, along with a cup of lentils (cooked in my rice cooker) and the broth. A great meal, served with a slice of the baguette from last night.

We’re camping. In a RV park.

We have a quart of extra soup for the freezer. My poor freezer is getting so full from all my home economics!

Maybe will do something tomorrow?


We will not.

Until our next update, I remain, your soupy correspondent,