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18 June: Thursday

Delhi, India: Before I get into our Indian meal this evening, I must step into the Way-Back Machine. In March, I sent our niece, Meghan, a very nice handbag. Like me, she is obsessed with black purses, and I knew she would especially love this one. So, I packaged it up and sent the bag via USPS Priority Mail to her in Sacramento. Dang purse went missing. I dropped it off myownself, so knew it arrived to the Post Office. Thing is, the post office never had any record of receiving the box... though two boxes were dropped-off by me that day, the other box was delivered promptly. It was just the dangest thing.

After ten days or so, I put a tracer on the package (I had the tracking number), but it still read as "not received" by the USPS. Next, we filed a claim. Every few weeks, I would receive an automated email stating the package had still not be accepted into the USPS system, but they were still looking.

At a certain point, we figured we would just get an insurance check from USPS and call it a day... so were we ALL surprised when the handbag was delivered to Meghan yesterday - more than three months after shipping! Where had it been all this time? On a pack mule? Meghan said the handbag was completely undamaged, still in the pristine dust bag, and good as new.

It is possible to get my shipping costs back as it was shipped PRIORITY and did not arrive on time. Will I put in a claim? No I will not.

So. Much. Paperwork.

My exercise today (bicycling) was not a very pleasant experience. We have noticed, with so few residents, the speed limit in this resort now seems to be 30mph, instead of 12mph. The speeding really is an issue to me, as so many of the vehicles in the resort are now large construction trucks, cement trucks, boom trucks and assorted big wide rigs with dual axles. 

On my ride this morning, a boom truck came around a corner. He did not stop at the stop sign, he did not slow down. He did not even look when making a LEFT turn! If I would not have slammed on my brakes, I would have been under the wheels of a very heavy boom truck. I screamed at him, as he whizzed past, and he gave me a dirty look. Seriously! This was the first time he even noticed I was on the road. (Oh, if I just wasn't a lady... I have a middle finger, and this would have been the perfect time to use it.)

As I was re-mounting my trusty steed, My Driver came up behind me on his bike and asked what was going on. I explained, but Dave had not witnessed the near-miss. I started to continue on my route, but after just a 100 yards, became so angry. I was really shaken up. That guy could have killed me. Or any one walking. Or any visiting grandchild on a bicycle. Or anyone in a car. Anyone in a golf cart. He didn't even look! He was driving a multi-ton vehicle that can't stop quickly. He turned LEFT without looking. Who does that?

U-Turn! Directly to the guard gate and told them what had just happened. They were so sympathetic and phoned the company employing the perp immediately. I continued my ride inside the truck-free golf cart path the rest of the morning... but on my route home, I did see the crazy driver's boss - and complained in person. He knows who I am and knows where I live. Just because there are so few campers here, does not raise the speed limit!

Rant over! Thank goodness I was quick enough to slam on my brakes (hand and foot pedal) in time. The Old Gal still has her wits about her.

Bird report on my golf cart path circular route today: I saw the momma duck with her two little ducklings! So adorable, and so late in the season. There were plenty of geese on the course, and I saw one white heron and two roadrunners.

As I wrote previously, the curry chicken had been marinating overnight, so all I had to do for dinner was set the rice (basmati tonight) cooker and make a salad.

The cocktail and appetizer tonight went very well with meal: Gin tonics (with lemon!) and cashews.

Salad does not always need to include lettuce. Nor vegetables. One naval and one Cara-Cara orange - topped with fresh mint from our garden - was a great accompaniment to the spicy chicken.

The recipe for the Baked Chicken Curry was in The Washington Post earlier this month. From one of my most favorite chefs, Madhur Jaffrey, the ease of this recipe almost makes it feel it can't be authentic Indian food. Lemon juice, ginger, garlic, and dried spices, mixed with a little yoghurt, rubbed into the chicken and marinated overnight, then baked. Really? Too easy.

Ready for the oven: I made a half recipe!

Due to the smaller size of the recipe (and using only thighs) I prepared, I put the chicken in the oven for 15 minutes, turned it over after 15 minutes, then again, and turned the oven off and let it rest for a while before serving.

Really will repeat. Pretty and delicious. The only thing I changed in the recipe was to omit the cardamom. Just not a fan. At all.

Until my next update - when we will receive a box of fruits and vegetables from a local farm co-op, I remain, your curried correspondent.