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16 April: Thursday

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Another perfect day, as the wind didn’t come up until we were ready to call it a night. 86 degrees today. Sunny and lovely. My Brother in Colorado reported eight inches of snow.

Leo did indeed get his computer today. Lisa set it up in his room, and now Lenny can use his laptop for work while Leo completes his 2nd-grade studies. Lisa also installed a “learn to type” program so Leo can acquaint himself with a computer keyboard. Is there any difference in typing for a left-or-right-handed typist? The only thing I could find is that a numeric keypad has the numbers on the left. Leo has the Apple magic keyboard - the same keyboard I use to type this blog with my iPad. Do any of you still use a numeric keyboard? I haven’t seen one in years. Talk amongst yourselves.

Did I ever tell you about the time Lisa came home from 4th grade with some sort of progress report on her keyboarding? I assumed she had somehow signed up for a piano class. I was so out of touch. Wait, did I say I was out of touch? When did typing become keyboarding? Did I “keyboard” myself through college? No, I did not. I typed.

But I regress. How about Leo’s screensaver:

Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

The kid seriously loves the Ducks.

Our very unexciting day was highlighted by a sail-by! Mary and Captain Jim brought their boat near our dock and we waved to them while they were FaceTiming with their #2 son.

I am happy to report I was drinking a martini as they cruised by:

Old Woman, with cocktail

We had a Mexican meal this evening (did not go at all with my martini, but eight nights was enough to go without my favorite cocktail).

The appetizer portion of the evening was a refried bean dip - just canned refried beans, jazzed-up with cheddar, jalapeño, and spices - then baked in the (outdoor!) oven ‘til bubbly.

Our dinner tonight was a test. A trial, because of an error. Instead of grabbing a can of enchilada sauce a few weeks ago, I somehow (not wanting to touch my face in the market to don my reading glasses?) grabbed a can of Las Palmas Red Chile Sauce instead. This sauce would probably have worked just fine as enchilada sauce, but I read the recipe on the back of the can, calling for beef roast, peppers, onions and potatoes and thought chicken would work just as well... and it did. So, instead of chicken enchiladas, we had Chicken Colorado.

The dish was a bit spicier than My Driver likes, but he finished his bowl - and we have enough for another night (freezer). There was even enough cilantro from the garden (it has bolted!) for garnish. We both thought the stew would have been better if served over rice. Next time.

Our salad tonight was one my Mom could have made in the 1960s - cucumbers, tomatoes, radish, and iceberg, tonight served with a simple house-made vinaigrette.

Tomorrow night, we are going to Italy!

Until my next update, I remain, your spicy correspondent.