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14 April: Tuesday

Vienna, Austria: Isn’t this just ironic that Tuesday is my “stay at home” day... like I could go anywhere? On Tuesdays, I usually stay home, wash the linens, change the sheets, iron the dinner napkins (and kitchen towels), and pillowcases. It takes 20 minutes for the ironing, but it makes me happy. We all need a little silly happiness these days. It isn’t really making me very happy to iron the same dang 14 dinner napkins over and over again. Another week without guests for dinner. Four weeks now?

I was stuck on the phone today trying to figure out why we were still getting billed for garbage pick-up at the house in Oregon we sold in February. Really? The house doesn’t even have bins there any longer, as the new owners have yet to move-in. No trash is being picked-up (no bins!), and the new owners have transferred service to their billing. Such a stupid thing. Why does it require so much time? (Though I am pretty sure the clerk I spoke with today was most-likely at her kitchen table. Anyway, I hope she was.)

The wind - again - stopped blowing in the early hours of the morning and we were left with “breezy” conditions until about noon, when - I kid you not - we had the most glorious afternoon! Sunny. Clear skies. Birds chirping. Pelicans flying.

We both had quite a bit of busy work - My Driver is eligible for Medicare in a week or so, so is finishing-up his paperwork (please, do not worry, he is ahead of the game and has his plan/card).

Five o’clock came around very quickly today. Tonight we watched the local Palm Springs news, then switched over to the PBS News Hour (recorded, as it airs at 4p locally). Real news. No FaceBook videos. Comments by actual scientists and physicians. No ads. (We are long-time donors.) Quite civilized.

Dave had to go begging for vino tonight. He was out of his favorite rosé, but knew our dear friends, Mary and Captain Jim, always keep a bottle of his favorite wine in their fridge for him. Desperate times.

Dave enjoyed his rosé with pickles, olives, dried fruits (figs, cherries and apricots), cheddar (obviously not Tillamook, sadly) and Havarti, with a bit of mixed nuts.

Dinner was a turkey burger (ground turkey with olive oil, salt, pepper, tomato paste, garlic powder, onion powder, dried basil and fresh parsley) formed into patties and grilled. I sautéed one zucchini squash and one yellow squash as a side-dish. All very Passover-friendly.

Is this the same salad from last night? Nope! Fooled ya. Same greens, same avocado (the other half)... but the cherry tomatoes were getting a little wonky, so I added the last radish and a bit of hearts of palm.

We are nearly finished with the final season of Homeland. Eight years we have watching this show and Dave is pretty sure Claire Danes has yet to smile or show any emotion at all. One face. The girl has one face.

I recently heard Claire Danes interviewed by Terry Gross, and learned her first big show, My So Called Life (Lisa loved this show when she was in middle school) only ran for ONE season? My So Called Life was also the first big break for Jared Leto.

Speaking of Jared Leto... did I ever tell you about the time we were invited to a party in Eugene, Oregon... and Lisa decided to not go with us, but instead went to burgers with her friends... and Jared Leto was at the party? She (Kelsey and Lynn) still regret that decision.

Jared Leto and me - circa 1997

Leto was in Eugene filming the leading role in Prefontaine when we met him at Bill Dellinger’s house. Party with your Parents, kids!

Until my next update - we are actually DOING something tomorrow - I remain, your name-dropping correspondent,