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13 May: Wednesday

Milan, Italy: Seriously, no idea where today went. Woke up. Coffee. Walked four miles. Fruit. Shower. Looked for houses online. Prepped dinner. Cocktails. Dinner. Blog.

The mercury only rose to 90 degrees today, making for such a wonderful day.

Day 59.

There is another yucca blooming in the resort! Just behind the tennis courts, at a lot not currently occupied (90+% of the campsites here), this yucca has blooms on both branches. Amazing, and so beautiful.

If you have never seen a yucca in bloom, you really need to add this to your bloom-bucket list... and if you can ever get yourself to Joshua Tree National Park in May (if the park ever reopens, of course), there are so many yucca in this park, it will blow your mind. Really amazing.

Just a suggestion.

The theme of the week, as Constant Readers know, is “get stuff out of the freezer” - so we had the frozen gnocchi I made last month, tossed with the arugula pesto I made last week. Our appetizer tonight was a bit of baguette (also from the freezer), topped with a bit of shredded gruyere cheese and cracked black pepper, broiled.

There is a super-nice recipe for a fancier version of this appetizer in my repertoire, but it required 2 Tablespoons of white wine, and one egg white, and I was not willing to open a bottle of wine, nor waste a precious egg. COVID-19 downsizing = shredded cheese + cracked black pepper on sliced baguette.

Get. Over. It.

Boiled cheese on bread. What’s not to love?

The gnocchi, tossed with arugula pesto, was also satisfying. And filling. Vibrantly colored.

Speaking of vibrant: this might be DT’s favorite salad (other than a Caesar). Ripe tomato, yellow onion, olives, salt, olive oil, vinegar. Such a great combination and a great addition to the menu tonight.

I used rosemary as a garnish with the appetizer, only because we have so much rosemary:

I used mint as a garnish on the tomato salad, only because we have so much mint:

Doing what I can to keep things fresh and new in the RV park. We are doin’ it up tomorrow to celebrate Day 60. Gonna have a party! For two.

Be sure to drop by - virtually - tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your cheesy correspondent.