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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Way too early this morning, 7 of the 8 in our group ventured out to the golf course for our tee times. Rosie stayed home; Marcia and Terry (not me) played the front nine. It was a fun course, and even I did not find it that challenging. (What do I know?) Caddies are required and we lucked-out with Manuel - so personable, patient, and happily, very funny. Manuel has an 8 handicap and never laughed at us even once (that we noticed). There was a little water, several iguanas, and plenty of bird life on the pretty course. It was 89 degrees today, with 65% humidity.

First: the driving range
In this resort, guests can get around via gondolas.
The course has a tree loaded with iguanas.
Though three feet long, they can disappear like chameleons into leaves.
Lisa and I played the back nine alone...
with our caddy.

After finishing 18 holes, Lisa and I waited for our husbands in the group behind us, then we all went immediately to the casual poolside cafe on the roof of our building - yep, there is a pool on the roof here. Marcia was already in the pool. Red went for a jog, but Dave, Bruce, Lisa and I had much-needed lunch.

Pollo Nachos

Then it was time for showers, serious naps, and walks to the nearby "grocer" for water. I was looking for olives for my martini. The clerk said he had olives, but they had bones in them? I was puzzled for a moment before realizing they were unpitted olives. Love this!

Later we all gathered on the verandah to watch the gorgeous sunset before heading off to a taco place in the resort. More delicious foods, and again, way too much food. We were all tired after our rounds in the heat, but what fun we had again this evening with our taco feast.

Clockwise from lower left: Marcia, Lisa, Rosie, Me, Bruce, DT, Terry and Red

Until my next update, I remain, "I'm gonna try to find a few photos from their college days" correspondent.