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USA Championships: Day 2

TrackTown, USA: The morning loomed cold and cloudy. My new SoCal self is no longer used to this weather. After exercise (walking), Bruce took us to a new place he had discovered for lunch. This "new" place was downtown Springfield, the next town over and a suburb of Eugene. Honestly, Dave and I were a bit embarrassed we had not been to downtown Springfield. Maybe ever. (We lived less than two miles from Springfield for five years in the 70s, but it was always a place to be avoided. Run down.) Since Bruce visits his Duck daughter often, he has a lot of time during the day to himself while Sierra attends classes and he has taken to long walks. One day he took a right instead of a left and ended up in a being-gentrified downtown Springfield. Cute shops, interesting restaurants and several brew pubs. This morning, Bruce took us to church - and the sun came out to greet us.

Springfield Public House

The Public House is housed in an old church, with several food vendors and beers on tap. It's an "order at the window and we will page you" situation. Booths and tables are placed inside the old church, with several other cozy seating areas here and there, and a large outdoor patio.

Springfield Public House
Anything from burgers, pizza, sushi, tacos,
to fried chicken and Hawaiian poke bowls.
Then grab yourself a beer...
And find yourself a pew!
Dave had a nice burger - and it was sized just-right.

Lucile (like her Bubbe) is crazy for chicken strips. They are on every kid's menu in America, of course, but she had been unable to find them - or a children's menu - in Paris. French children eat real food. Lucile was happy to find them (or maybe a chef made them for her?) one night and Lisa sent a photo of the lovely-looking poulet frit to us, with a very happy girl. I was inspired to copy Lucy at the Public House, but she won. My chicken strips were awful.

Speaking of France, Lisa also sent this photo:

Living their best life

Enough religion, we were off to Historic Hayward Field for Day 2 of the USA Championships. Six finals today: women's high jump, men's triple jump, 100m for women and men, and the conclusion of the decathlon and heptathlon. Some surprises for sure. Twanisha Terry did not make the 100m team, and Sha'carri Richardson went all Vegas at the starting line - tossing off a hideous orange wig to reveal braids as she entered the blocks. I'm not sure anyone expected Cravont Charleston to win the 100m men's final. I did not, but am happy Coleman and Lyles are on the squad as well.

Historic Hayward Field, from the north
Decathlon victory lap

After the races, we decided we had better get something to eat - instead just drink - like we did last night. Eight of us ended up at a long table at the corner McMenamins for great meals and comradery. Dang, if it wasn't chilly while walking back to our hotel. Let's just say I am easily getting over 10000 steps per day!

Hayward Field at night

Until my next update, I remain, your churchy correspondent.

US Championships Results