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Third Phase

Anaheim, California: We left our Mission Bay hotel this morning and sat in even more traffic to reach Disneyland. Seriously, as grandparents, we do NOT mess around. Leo attended the birthday party in Los Angeles with the twins - an escape room situation - and Leo, Lisa, and Lenny joined us in Anaheim later.

Dave, Lucy, and I arrived into Anaheim too early to check into our hotel, so we decided to take Lucy to the always-fun Anaheim Packing House - an old citrus fruit packing house that is now a thriving busy food court and shopping venue on two levels. So many choices for food... but Lucile is her Bubbe's clone sometimes and we both went directly for the fish & chips. Unfortunately, the photos on the restaurant menu board of the portions were not quite true-to-scale so we over-ordered. Still, some of the best fish & chips ever from Chippy Fish & Grill. $15, includes fries and a drink.

Massive fish & chips
Bubba had a Karaage chicken bowl
No, Lucy did not finish her fish. Neither did I.
But Lucy had a scoop of chocolate swirl at Hans Homemade Ice Cream
She could not finish.

Now our room was ready for check-in and the LA family joined us soon after. Lucy loved our room situation: a king sized bed for the grandparents (with a TV and a desk) and a separate room (sliding frosted doors separating) for kids with bunk beds, a sofa and TV. Really a great situation for a family (if you only have two kids).

Bunk beds!

We will spend Father's Day (tomorrow) in Disneyland, but tonight we walked to the property and had dinner together at an Italian restaurant in Downtown Disney. The same place we always visit - Naples Ristorante e Bar. Leo was over-sugared/tired from his birthday party today, so we just ordered a bunch of small things to share. It was fun to be all together again after our discombobulated week, and we are all excited or our Big Day tomorrow in Disneyland! Happily our hotel is within walking distance.

Dave and Lucile walking back to the hotel after dinner

Until my next update, I remain your "expect a ton of photos tomorrow" correspondent.