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Last Day

Los Angeles, California: The weather helped us enjoy our last day together in La Quinta. Swimming happened. The jigsaw puzzle, however, did not. Even with spending several hours hovering over the 400-or-so remaining pieces, it is not finished. Our adventure for the day was quite tame: lunch out.

Leo and Lucy like Stuft Pizza in Old Town, but we never order pizza. Their menu is ridiculously large, with everything from salads, burgers, to Mexican and Asian-inspired foods. Leo usually orders the tuna poke "stack" and Lucy inevitably orders chicken fingers.

There is another fun place in Old Town you should visit if you have guests - Nitrofusion. Ice cream ingredients (of your choice) are mixed, then frozen in front of you using liquid nitrogen. This could be a one-time-and-done place to entertain the kids, but the ice cream is very good, so we keep coming back.

Lucile lost another tooth while at our house. She has the whole Jack-o-Lantern thing goin' on, and she claims it is very easy to use a straw. Back at the house, she gave us a cartwheel demo:

After our big lunch, we dined late - grilled drumsticks, roast veggies and air-fryer French fries:


Everyone packed-up this morning and we drove the children back to Los Angeles. Lisa and Lenny were hosting 10 for a Seder. Lisa's table(s) was gorgeous.

Second Night Seder
Close-up - love the matzo napkins

Another great Haggadah - in Hebrew, English, and transliteration. Lucy, accompanied by her friend Koa, read the four questions in Hebrew (they have been practicing all week) to perfection. Ten pretty people, bright flowers, one gorgeous brisket, luscious wines, and not one photo was taken after the guests arrived. Too busy. Lisa also served matzo ball soup in her home made chicken stock, roast potatoes, asparagus, and carrots. Desserts were a selection of flourless chocolate cake, matzo crunch, and chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons (all home made). After the Seder, the three children disappeared to watch a cartoon movie, The Prince of Egypt, from Dreamworks, telling the story of the Exodus.

The six of us are heading out for a weekend trip together. Check back soon. Until my next update, I remain, your unleavened correspondent.