What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Ha ha. Oh, how I do amuse myself. There is no summer vacation, and since every window and door is closed all day due to construction dust/noise, I am not even sure it is summer.

The re-siding (my English friend calls it "re-cladding", I like her term better) crew promised they would finish on Wednesday. Then Thursday. Then fer shure Friday. Nope. They are returning Monday to finish-up. The porta-potty remains in our garden and - since the workers have been here since July 17th - I am going to claim them as dependents on our 2014 taxes.

Fer shure.

Some time during the winter a tree blew over in a storm and has been resting on another tree. This is a potentially dangerous situation and could cause both trees to tumble. DT asked our tree service guy to come out and cut a few limbs so the tree could fall.

Lisa (finally!) decided on this 5-inch peony (my mom's favorite flower) for a pillow inset for the nursery, and asked me to needlepoint the canvas. I chose silk, because you know how much toddlers love silk needlepointed pillows. Will Baby Girl one day have this pillow in her daughter's nursery?

In my spare time... I've been working on the easiest and fastest way to make mac & cheese (without involving that blue and yellow box that doesn't even have CHEESE in the ingredient list!) that will please kids and adults. My one pan recipe - with several variations - will be shared in the September RV Goddess newsletter. (Sign up here.)

Until my next update, I remain, your cabin-feverish correspondent.