The News from Here

Los Angeles, California: So much has been going on the past two days. The new parents are keeping me busy, but I am getting a lot of cuddle time with Little Leo. He is a charmer. Leo has wrapped himself around my heart!

Lisa (left) & Leo at two weeks

Hmmm... like Momma, like baby? Nah, probably all babies sleep this way, but it was interesting that I had a 30 year old photo of Lisa in the same sleeping position on my computer. Stranger is that both photos were taken at two weeks. (Of course, Lisa's photo was taken with a film camera.) Both babies weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces at birth too. Leo does not look like Lisa as a baby, but we are fairly certain he has her mouth.

Lisa had her two week post-delivery check-up yesterday and was given the go-ahead to start exercising again. Her doctor is quite pleased with Lisa's health.

This morning, Leo had his two-week check-up. The little muncher is already 7 pounds, 2 ounces! Leo is doing very well! Previously, the pediatrician didn't want Leo to go more than 4 hours without nursing, but since his weight is climbing, Lisa now has permission to let him sleep until he wakes up hungry. I think both parents will appreciate this bit of sleep advice.

Besides doctor appointments, Lisa has been busy addressing the birth announcements, and we are trying to keep-up with the never-ending mountain of laundry produced by a 7 pound human, and there is a constant stream of adoring fans and gift deliveries. This baby is adored by many! Lisa has kept me busy running errands, grocery shopping and cooking. Today I made potato gnocchi for Lenny, as it is his favorite dish. Daddy needs to be spoiled too! In my spare time, I have been using a machine to scrub and buff the hardwood floors in Lisa & Lenny's house. I am basically paralyzed with sore muscles. Hey, don't laugh - I am a Grandma, don't you forget!Spread the love -->