I was awake at the crack of dawn and starting baking. I baked little cheese crackers(using an owl cookie cutter) for Leo, round spicy cheese crackers for the adults,Madelines and a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread. I don't need to mention every ingredient was organic, right?

I just love that the Madelines are in my Mom's cookie jar. It would make her happy to see Little Leo's pudgy fingers reaching inside for a cookie.

Today was the first time to use the miniature owl cookie cutter. Leo is going to love these cheesy biscuits.

Our Little Munchkin arrived mid-afternoon and we followed him around the house (between watching the Ducks v Oklahoma State Cowboys) for hours. There is only a limited amount of baby-proofing of this house. We just watch the Troublemaker. 24/7. Because Leo never stops moving.


We keep a stash of Lisa's childhood toys in a drawer in an armoire in our family room. Every kid visiting our house plays with the toys - now 30-ish years old. Today, Leo was especially smitten with a Mickey Mouse doll - purchased in Disneyland (California) in 1986. Dave and I never imagined a grandchild when we bought the stuffed doll for our five-year-old.

Leo, in the guest room (The Tiger Room) with Mickey Mouse

Photo of girl in Chinese dress is Lisa, 5, Lunar New Year, Taiwan

Where did we get the Japanese umbrellas Leo found to play with today?

I love this kid.

C. B. E. is a great help in the kitchen.

I made the Enchilada Meatballs for the kids tonight (using organic ground chicken thigh). Lenny had seconds. Lenny never has seconds.


Recipe perfected.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

LET'S MOVE IN MARCH! I have challenged y'all to get out there, lace up your sneakers and walk or jog (or the exercise of your choice) at least 30 minutes - five or six days a week in March. I'm doing this for charity and my prominent backside.

After stating my ambitious goal yesterday, I did not run today. I woke early and put on my sweats - fully anticipating a good three or four miles... but then I started baking crackers, cookies and bread and then Little Leo arrived and then the rest of the day just happened. Hopefully I will be able to reschedule my Day of Rest around this unscheduled Day of Rest.

Or Not.

How's it going for you? Please comment below. 

Pedometer: 7636. Pathetic.
Miles jogged for the day/month: 0/61