Progress Report

Our niece forgot to take home the leftover Challah last night. Her loss; our (weight) gain.

Yogurt French Toast. So delicious.

There was great excitement today as the sun appeared for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and... well, you get the idea. We actually turned the furnace off and opened the house!

We went outdoors! Without an umbrella.

poop machines birds on their toes.

Otherwise, around the Manor, things are looking pretty over grown good.

The lupines are blooming.

Nope. This is not Augusta National. Our azaleas are blooming like crazy.

Ditto on the rhoddy's.

Any day now the Lavender will be in full-bloom.

And covered with bumblebees.

We have stuff growing out of stuff.

Truth-be-told, we are a jungle in need of a machete. Or serious pruning. But every time something gets pruned back, I cry. I like the "wild, natural" look. But sometimes our place begins to remind me of Snow White's house - covered in vines and hidden under shrubbery. The neighbors will forget about us and years from now, we will have to rescued from our own home with a weed whacker.

I'm going to get right on this pruning. 

Really. I am.

Until my next update, I remain, your natural correspondent.