Party Girl

Oh yeah. That's me. Party Girl! I'm going to parties. I'm throwing parties. I'm one of the cool people. I'm practically exactly like those Absolutely Fabulous girls, except without all that chain smoking and Botox stuff.

AbFab Fridge: somewhere in London

I wish.

I also wish I had a an entire fridge entirely devoted to champagne, just like the Absolutely Fabulous girls.


On second thought, that is probably a very, very, very bad idea.


Kathy held the bridal shower in her garden - perfectly lovely weather (warm, but not too warm) and served a Mediterranean luncheon of Greek Salad, falafel and baklava to about 25 guests. The bride, Laura, is in navy on the far left.

Kathy's #2 (mother of the precious Will) and Mary's #2

GLOWING: Mary with her #1 and #2

I only have a #1... and my #1 reported Little Leo took a few steps this evening. Big news!

Do y'all recall when we purchased this tray in Tubac, AZ?

except for our vegan niece, Carla... who was served lettuce and croutons, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. I baked a blackberry tart for dessert and made buttermilk ice cream (yesterday). The combo was good, but the buttermilk ice cream was lacking in creamy texture. Carla was served a Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate Bar (vegan, organic). Though the berry tart was quite lovely, Carla may have enjoyed the best dessert in the house tonight.

Dad with his #3, #1 (me) - and his wife, Mary

And I ran 3 miles this morning in my spare time.

Until my next update, I remain, your absolutely fabulous correspondent.