Makes me happy

A great weekend! Much accomplished, plus time to relax with friends Saturday night. Perfect.

I finished-up my RV cleaning and re-situating. DT organized the bays and moved the tailgating supplies into place for the University of Oregon home opener next Saturday (v New Mexico). We are ready. GO DUCKS!

I'm really easy to please, aren't I?

We needed a sturdier trash container in the RV. (The white plastic can kept falling over and the lid flew off too often.) This Simple Human 6.5 gallon trash can is bottom-heavy so it won't fall over if Mario Andretti DT takes a corner so hard the refrigerator door flies opens, olives fall out and proceed to roll all over the floor of the RV too fast. Plus, the can has a gripping no-slide bottom surface. Yeah! The bin is made with fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel. Step-on lid-lifter and a lever to push if you want the lid left open.

Okay. Maybe I am a bit too excited about our new trash bin.


Know what else makes me happy? Roasting a chicken.

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