Laundry – Part 2

Remember three weeks ago when I wrote about having to buy a new washer/dryer? They were delivered yesterday.

washing machine on a "delicates" cycle and the clothes are now ready for the dryer. When the dryer door is opened, it beeps and the screen lights up with a "receiving information from washer" message. The washer tells the dryer to dry these clothes on a low temperature setting because they are delicate. (Of course, you can set the dryer to any setting you please, but in most cases, the dryer will probably know best.) Isn't technology wonderful?

They are also super energy efficient and extremely quiet.

Tide with Febreze to mask the stank.)

Don't waste your money.

After pushing more buttons, the "performance fabrics" cycle took nearly one hour, but the clothes were actually clean! Yeah!

Let's just say if you are in the nursery changing a poopie cloth diaper and accidentally stick yourself with the diaper pin and blood is squirting everywhere and your husband walks into the room (with a ballpoint pen leaking in his shirt pocket) and upchucks on his down jacket and a throw rug... well, there is a cycle for that.

This probably wouldn't be a good time to post a new recipe... so until my next update, I remain, your well-laundered correspondent.