Happy New Year

At sunset tonight, we began a ten-day celebration of the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah. Before sunset, we had a very full day. We ran. A lot. We tried to run off all the wine we consumed at the wedding last night, but I would probably have to run to Cleveland for that to happen... so I clocked-off three miles instead. 

If I had jogged to Cleveland, I would have missed lunch with My Dad and Mary! In a strange alignment of the planets... Lenny wanted to watch the Redskins game (Lenny is from DC), so we decided to head down to the fabulous Big Al's Sports Bar (on steroids) to catch the game because we did not get this game on our cable package. (!) Then Lisa's uncle from Los Angeles (who is in town because he is the godfather of the groom from last night's wedding) (are you paying attention?) decided to join us so his wife could watch the Jet's game (she is from New York), and then... since My Dad and Mary were passing through town on their way from Seattle to Central Oregon from an Alaska cruise... they decided to join us for lunch. It ended-up being a big shindig and a two-table party.

The Jets lost... the Redskins lost... and there are a wholelotta chickens wandering around without wings because we ate a mess-o-wings.

Sorry Chickens.

LA residents in Oregon for the weekend:
Uncle Andy, his daughter Rose, Lisa and Leo

New Seasons Market to purchase items needed for our Rosh Hashanah meal. The store staff gushed over our Pretty Baby!

As they should.

Back at Taylor Manor, the Little Dude crashed after all the excitement of the afternoon. He slept on the floor, with DT keeping vigilance, while I prepared the New Year meal.

Citrus Salad (DT's family recipe) - a great salad with honey and oranges.Jewish New Year is celebrated with a round Challah, apples and honey (so everyone will have a sweet new year). With a baby in the house this year, we kept our menu quite simple - DT grilled a butterflied chicken, I steamed green beans and carrot "coins" (symbolizing wealth for the new year) and we also made Citrus Salad (DT's family recipe) - a great salad with honey and oranges.

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